Friday, 21 September 2012

Tanakaya Liquor Store

Not just one of the best beer shops in Tokyo, but one of the best beer shops I have ever been to, all over the world. Tanakaya is an all round booze shop, with a large selection of not only beer, but also wine and spirits. Big glass-fronted fridges with beers from the US, Belgium, UK, Germany, Italy, Denmark and others. Japanese micros are kept in a chiller at the end of the beer fridges and breweries include Baird, Shiga Kogen, Hakusekikan, Harvestmoon, North Island, Tamamura Honten, Sankt Gallen, Hideji and they get seasonals in from some of these breweries too. I am a bit of an US beer novice, but there are plenty of names that I have heard of and been recommended. As for the Belgian selection, it is fantastic. I have got bottles here that I have never been able to find in Belgium. There is a big selection of 750ml bottles including plenty of Cantillon. Prices for the imports start from around ¥500 for a 330ml bottle and increase depending on size and rarity. Always seems reasonable though when you consider it is Tokyo. Japanese beers start a bit cheaper, around ¥400. In my opinion, this place is a must visit for anyone who likes beer and is in Toyko.

Japanese breweries' bottles available when I visited:
Shiga Kogen
North Island
Tamamura Honten
Sankt Gallen

Opening Hours:
11.00 - 20.00 Mon-Sat, closed Sunday

目白3-4-14, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

From Mejiro station on the Yamanote line, there is only one exit. Turn left out of the station on the main road. You will see a pedestrian crossing. Shortly afterwards on the left hand side you will see St. Marc's coffee shop. Tanakaya is down the stairs in the basement, underneath St. Marc's.

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Damien Skipper said...

Any idea if this liquor store is still open in 2015?

Tokyo Beer Drinker said...

Yes, definitely still open. Everything on this blog should still be open if it's not crossed out or marked as closed down. I was in Tanakaya last week, so you're definitely good with this one.

Damien Skipper said...

Great. Thanks again and great blog! Hopefully they still have some Cantillon 750ml format bottles in stock. It seems like it may be tough to find them anywhere these days.