Thursday, 7 March 2013

Liquors Hasegawa

Shop 1

Today, another beer shop. Or in fact, actually two booze shops in the Tokyo station area. Liquors Hasegawa has two branches in the maze of shops that spread out underground from Tokyo station. Both have pretty much the same selection of beers, so as long as you can find one of them, you should be ok.
As you can probably tell from the name, Liquors Hasegawa is not exactly a specialist beer shop. They do, however, have a pretty good selection of Japanese craft beer and also some European and US imports. And if we are talking solely about Japanese beers, their selection is probably as large as Tanakaya. They have a good selection of decent Japanese breweries here, lots of Shiga Kogen and Sankt Gallen, and helpfully for those who are hunting specific breweries, a bit of a different selection from Tanakaya. Also counting in its favour over Tanakaya is the fact that the Tokyo station area is a bit more central than Mejiro. Both are very good places for Ji-Biru lovers though, so best check out both.
Prices are pretty much standard for Tokyo take away beer places. At the lower end, they have Yo-Ho cans (Aooni, Tokyo Black Porter, Yona Yona, Suiyoubi No Neko) for less than ¥300. Prices go up to around ¥600 for 330ml bottles. The imports naturally tend to be a bit more expensive, but occasionally you can find some bargains. I got a De Molen Tsarina Esra for ¥680. I don't think I could have got this cheaper in London, and it has had to travel considerably further! Other import breweries featured include Mikkeller, Thornbridge, SKA, Alaskan, Coronado, Firestone Walker and a few more I have forgotten. Definitely some interesting stuff though.

Shop 2

Of the two shops, one seems to be easier to find if you are coming from the street and the other if you are coming from Tokyo Station. I will say though, the shopping centre layout remains a mystery to me after several visits, so if you are having no luck finding it, best find a map of the shopping centre layout and ask someone. Sorry that is not very helpful, but I will do my best with some directions below. For the purpose of distinguishing the two shops I will call the one more easily accessible from the street, shop 1, and the one easier from the station, shop 2. But like I said, both have fairly similar beer stocks, so if you only make it to one, don't worry too much.

Japanese breweries available when I visited:
Harvest Moon
North Island
Sankt Gallen
Hitachino Nest
Swan Lake
Shiga Kogen

Opening Hours:
Daily, 10.00 - 20.00

Approximate locations for both shops at the link above, but better to follow the directions below.

For shop 1, best approach from the street. The link under location/map above has a pin marked shop 1 at the entrance that is best to find it. If you go in this entrance (number 23), when you get to the basement you will be on a corner of the shopping arcade, and Hasegawa should be visible on this corner. Shop 2's directions are a bit more vague. The pin on the map is in pretty much the right place, but your best bet is to attempt to find it from the JR station. Exit from either the Yaesu North or Yaesu Central gates and find the Daimaru department store. If you can't find this people will definitely know where it is. On the basement level there is a path that goes through the middle of Daimaru. Walk through here away from the JR station and the food section should be on your left. Carry on a further 50m or so and just as it looks like the shops are finishing you will see shop 2 on the left. Horribly vague directions I know, but this shopping centre is very confusing. Probably better to go for shop 1 and approach from street level.
Here is a map of the shopping centre that shop 1 is in, which should hopefully be of some use. If you look at the very top left of the map you should be able to see exit 23. Liquors Hasegawa is the olive green shop on the corner next to the defibrillator mark. If you can't read Japanese, this is what the shop name looks like - リカーズハセガワ本店.


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Mark VII said...

Do you ever see this beer ?

Tokyo Beer Drinker said...

Yeah, seen it around in a few places. Are you looking for it? Pretty sure Le Collier had it, and they have it in the Watering Hole.

Kavey said...

I've read that one of the two stores sells 10ml tastings of many of the whiskies and bourbons, do you happen to know which of the two this might be? I realise your focus is on the beer, which we will definitely be visiting for, but looks like both shops do that equally well, whereas I have feeling only one does the liquor tastings...?
Thank you in advance,

Tokyo Beer Drinker said...

It's the one I have marked as shop 1 on the google map. Hope this helps.