Thursday, 9 May 2013

Gar Eden

Today, an Italian restaurant with great beer. Gar Eden has only been open about a week and is run by a former manager of Craft Beer Market Jinbocho, so it is only natural that it has good beer. Located between Omotesando and Gaienmae on an apparently up and coming fancy street, it is another welcome addition to the ever growing list of places to get a good beer in this area. If it was solely a restaurant, it would probably still merit an entry, but we were assured that going just for the drinks is fine.
Unsurprisingly for somewhere that has recently opened Gar Eden is a good looking place. Split over two floors with a selection of table sizes, it is definitely foremost a restaurant, but there are five seats at the bar which will do very nicely if you are just drinking. In a similar vein to Craft Beer Market, the beers are very reasonably priced. Everything comes in two sizes, 310ml and 473ml, the glass costing ¥580 and the pint ¥880. (Edit: because of the recent increase in consumption tax, these prces are now ¥650 and ¥950). (Quick update about some new prices. They now serve all the craft beers in one size only, the volume of which seems to vary from beer to beer at ¥750. Basically for the stronger or rarer beers, you'll probably get a little less. Difficult to tell if you're getting more or less for your money than before. I think this is in line with them wanting the place to be a restaurant with some good beers rather than a budget beer bar with nice food). Out of the ten taps, nine are craft, and the other Super Dry. Included in these nine were two Italian Craft Beers from Birra del Borgo which I don't think I have seen in Japan before. These taps will rotate too and it looks like they will put their tap list on their facebook page, so maybe have a look beforehand. There was a ¥300 cover charge, but we were eating. Not sure, but I would imagine if you sit at the bar and drink you won't be charged this, but just in case, better have a few to make up the charge anyway. (Update: I went in yesterday, said I was just drinking and was still charged, so not the place for just one drink!)
So, probably not so much else to say. The food was very nice and the beer selection and prices good. Can't really ask for more. Worth popping in for just a drink or making an evening of it and eating too. Even though it is pretty new there were still quite a few people there, so might be worth reserving. There seem to be new places opening every week in Tokyo at the moment and they all seem to be good at the moment. We are spoilt for choice. Still nowhere in Yoyogi Uehara though! Please someone open something!

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:
Swan Lake
Shiga Kogen

Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday-Friday, 11.30-15.30, 18.00-23.30
Saturday, 11.30-23.30
Sunday, 11.30-22.00
closed Tuesday

神宮前 3-6-6, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001

From Omotesando station, leave via exit A2. Almost immediately after you leave the station take the first right. At the end of this short road turn left and then right again. Carry on for about 400m and Gar Eden is on the left hand side. 



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