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Another beer shop today, a little way out of central Tokyo but worth the trip. Izuya is a Craft Beer and Sake shop in Ebaramachi, not far from Hatanodai. As well as being a good place to go and buy beers to take home, in the evenings Izuya becomes a small standing bar where you can drink on the premises. They have a couple of taps and you can also drink bottles from the fridge. Beware though, drinking on the premises is only is in the evenings, so don't go on a weekday afternoon expecting to have a drink (as I did!). It should also be said that because of them having to make deliveries, the shop is sometimes closed during the daytime, so all in all, best to go in the evening I think, and then you can have a beer whilst you are choosing your bottles to take away.
I would estimate that there were somewhere around 40 bottles in stock to choose from when I was there, mostly Japanese Craft beers, with a few Belgian and US imports. Japanese bottles are priced from around ¥400-650. The imports are a touch more but not too much. If you want to drink a bottle on site in the evening, ¥100 is added to the price. The two taps on my visit were the new Coedo hoppy beer and Minoh's Dark Lager. These are around the ¥500-¥600 mark too. Apparently they do new beer release parties every month where something special is available on tap. There are details on their facebook page. Japanese breweries in the fridge included Hitachino Nest, Coedo, Sankt Gallen, Shiga Kogen, Minamishinshu, Minoh, Hideji and Umenishiki. Some of these breweries had four or five different beers on offer, so a good selection.
So, a nice beer shop with decent prices where you can drink in the evening. I wish this place was a bit closer to my house. Even so, I will definitely go back from time to time, possibly for one of their new beer nights. Like I said, beware of going during the day, as it might be temporarily closed. Best stick to the evening to be safe. Oh, and one final bit of useful information, the shop is set back off the street so when you are looking for it you will only find a door. Look out for the beer bottles on display outside and check the photo above to see what the doorway looks like.

Japanese breweries available when I visited:
Shiga Kogen
Sankt Gallen
Hitachino Nest

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday, 11.00-22.30
Sunday, 15.00-20.00

中延 5-3-8, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 142-0053

Izuya is very close to Ebaramachi station and only a short walk from Hatanodai station. From Ebaramachi, leave the station by the main exit and walk to the road. Turn right and then a quick left at the lights. Izuya is on the left hand side a couple of shops along.

From Hatanodai, leave via the South Exit. Turn left, cross the train tracks and carry on along the shopping street for about 500m. Izuya is on the left just after a set of traffic lights where there is a Sukiya on the corner.



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