Friday, 28 June 2013

Craft Beer Market - Toranomon

Today, somewhere I have been a few times but always forgot to take a photo. My new tactic should be take the photos on the way in. That way they may be less blurred and I hopefully won't forget to do it. However, when you are thirsty, this doesn't always seem like a priority.
This will probably be quite a short post, as Craft Beer Market - Toranomon is unsurprisingly quite like Craft Beer Market - Jimbocho. Given that they are two branches of the same bar, it will come as no surprise to you that there are a lot of similarities. The look of the place is similar, the food is in the same vein, the atmosphere is similar and the beer prices are the same. It is at this stage that I should encourage you to look at the post on here on Jimbocho. However, the two places do have different beer lists, so don't presume that something that Jimbocho have said is on there, will be on at Toranomon.
So, maybe it makes more sense for me to concentrate on what is different between the two places. Toranomon does not open on Saturday like Jimbocho does. Understandable, as this is very much a business district, but it is a shame all the same. Also Toranomon's outside section seems to be standing only. I have previously stood outside here and if you stand you are don't have to pay the ¥300 cover charge if you tell them you are only drinking. Toranomon has less of a web presence than Jimbocho. There doesn't seem to be a facebook page, but you can still find their daily beer list on the Craft Beer Market website here.
So, not much else to say. All the same plus points as Jimbocho. The prices are excellent and the choice of beers is normally pretty good. Even the most experienced Ji-Biru drinker will probably find a couple of new beers here. There was talk of a couple more branches being opened in the near future, but this doesn't seem to have happened yet. If the Craft Beer Market boss is reading this, how about opening one in Yoyogi Hachiman/Uehara? Please.... This place is always fairly busy, so might be worth booking in advance if you can. If not, it seems to be fairly quiet until around 7, so maybe pop in at opening time if you have not reserved. So, a good place with good beer and great prices. Can't say much more than that!

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:
T.Y Harbor
Sankt Gallen
Gotemba Kogen
Ginga Kogen
Swan Lake
Beer Buddy

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday, Lunch 11.30-14.00, Evening 17.00-23.30
Saturday & Sunday closed

S.A.グレイス, 1F, 1-23-3 西新橋, Minato-ku, Tokyo

From Toranomon station, leave via exit 1. Carry on to the first main road and cross at the lights. Turn right down this main road. Cross two smaller side streets and then turn left down the third. Craft Beer Market is on the corner of the first side street on the right.



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