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(This post was originally three beer shops in one day so to fully appreciate what's going on, check the other two posts on Night Owl and Hiranoya)

Onwards to Nakameguro and a little way north of the station along Yamatedori. Deguchiya is much bigger premises than Night Owl and has a huge stock of all kinds of alcohol. But once again, let's talk about the beer. They have a couple of fridges full of good stuff. Apparently there is a decent rotation of stock too, so if you go in every week, there will usually be something new for you. They have a good representation of some of the bigger Japanese craft breweries and I was particularly pleased to see 8 different Shiga Kogen beers with a good amount of seasonals (and also the big Tamamura Honten Saisons, some barrel aged!). Along with Shiga Kogen they had four from Minoh and nine from Baird (including seasonals again). Prices range from ¥400 to around ¥550, so pretty standard. Along with these Japanese beers they have a good selection of quality imports (mainly US stuff). I was particularly pleased to see a whole lot of Stillwater here.
Deguchiya's slightly less unique selling point (but still a good one) is that they offer on the premises boozing. They have a small area at the back of the shop where you can drink beers with just a small amount added to the shelf price. If they didn't have much stuff worth drinking this wouldn't be so exciting, but given that they have good beers at good prices, I think it's worth mentioning. It's certainly cheaper to drink here than buy the bottles in most bars. I thought that the drink on premises option was only available in the evening, but I have been told otherwise. Probably best not to rock up at opening expecting to have an all day session though.

Japanese breweries available when I visited: 
Shiga Kogen


Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 11:00-22:00 (except Thursday, 14:00-22:00)

Holidays, 15:00-21:00

Closed Sunday

東山, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


From Nakameguro station, leave via the main exit and turn left up Yamatedori for just under 1km. Deguchiya is just after Don Quixote on the opposite side of the road (the left).


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