Thursday, 5 June 2014


(This post was originally three beer shops in one day so to fully appreciate what's going on, check the other two posts on Deguchiya and Night Owl)

Another beer shop, and another one that allows drinking on the premises. This is another place well worth visiting. Hiranoya's focus is very much Belgian beer. During the day it is a bottle shop, but after 17:30 you are able to drink on the premises. The prices on the fridge are for consumption on the premises so if you are taking away it will be a bit cheaper. They also have one tap for draught beer and this normally seems to be something from Dupont, which for me is a big plus point. When I visited it was the Blanche de Hainaut Biologique and a decent sized serving in the proper glassware was ¥780, so not bad at all. Alongside the Belgians there is a smattering of US, German and British beers, but I will stick to the Belgians as it's my preference. There was a good mix of stuff available with some things you don't see around so often (Fantome, unusual Dupont stuff). The owner told me he is looking into getting some Japanese craft in too. The place itself is quite small with seating for around five or six and standing room for about the same amount. There is a small selection of snacks to go with the beer but it's nice to see that for once Belgian beer isn't so inextricably linked to full-on dining as it seems to be in many places in Tokyo. Very pleased to have found this place within walking distance of my flat. I hope to become a regular! (Now they have WiFi too!)

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 12:00-23:00

Closed Sunday, and bar closed on the third Saturday of the month, but shop open till 20:00

神泉町, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


From Shinsen station, leave via the South exit. Turn right and then take the second left. Follow the road till the next junction, turn right and Hiranoya is on the left hand side shortly after the side street on the left. It's also easily walkable from Shibuya.


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