Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Miyata Beer

Today, Miyata Beer, a fairly new brewpub based in Oshiage. It's good to see that we are getting new breweries and brewpubs rather than just new pubs as there were so many new places opening that I was worrying that we were going to run out of beer.
Miyata Beer seems to be very much a one-man operation. On the night we visited the brewer was manning the bar. To be honest, it's a small place, so there probably wouldn't be much room for anyone else. The premises is a medium sized room, but most of this is divided off into the brewing area. The bar area that takes up the rest of the space is L-shaped and has seating for around ten and a little standing room for a few more. It seems that it is very much a locals place. Many of the customers seemed to know the brewer, so I guess this shows that places in this vein can prosper. I know if there was somewhere like this near where I lived I would pop in for a drink pretty regularly. They don't serve food, apart from a snack selection (nuts and pretzels etc., ¥500). So this is focused on beer I guess.
They had five taps, but on the evening we went they only had three in operation. As I always say, I think this is sensible. Better to keep the beer fresh and expand when the demand arises. The three beers they had on were Pale, Golden and IPA. Judging by the previous beers they have had on, it seems that they are concentrating mainly on these kind of styles at the moment. Was nice though to see that they have done some dry-hopped pale ales before. The beers are served in two sizes, M and L (I guess the usual 300ml and US pint approximately, or at least as well as I could judge). Prices for the M ranged from ¥600-¥700 and the L, ¥800-¥900. All the beers had the date they were brewed by the taps, so if you are a freshness sucker, you'll know which one to go for.
So, another brewpub in Tokyo. Definitely a good trend. It is still very much early days for Miyata Beer, but I was pleased to be able to visit them and give them my support. Along with Campion, just over the river in Asakusa, the East of Tokyo is becoming a bit of a beer destination. I'm sure that as time passes and they tweak their recipes this place will become more popular. Although it seemed to be already doing fine enough with its locals when we went. At the moment they are only open at the weekend, but maybe as demand increases these hours will also be extended.

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:

Opening Hours:
Friday, 17.00 - around 23:00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 15:00 - around 23:00
Closed Monday-Thursday

横川 3-9-7, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

From Oshiage station, leave via exit B2 and turn right. Take the sixth right turn (the fourth set of traffic lights) and Miyata is on the right hand side just after the first side street. 


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