Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Another station beer shop. Once again, inside the barriers, this time at Akihabara. I will keep this reasonably brief as there's not a great deal to say! Thanks to Phil for the tip. Check out his blog Kansai Beer Lovers. Seems like there is also one of these at Ueno, but I haven't been there yet, and I guess it is pretty much the same.
Nomono is reminiscent of a smaller Le Collier, smaller in the size of the shop and also in its selection. However, it's still worth popping in if you are passing through Akihabara station. I guess one advantage of it being inside the ticket barriers is that if you are only going through the station on the Yamanote, it doesn't cost you anything to get off and have a look. This is helpful as I don't often find myself going to Akihabara.
There were around 60 bottles and cans of Japanese craft beer from around 15-20 breweries, some not worth mentioning below, but there was plenty of good stuff there to be of interest. Prices ranged from ¥300 to around ¥500, so as you would expect. In addition to the usual suspects, I noticed some seasonals from Baeren, Fujizakura and Sankt Gallen which might give you a reason to pop in if you don't like drinking the same thing more than once.

Japanese breweries bottles/cans available when I visited:
Oh La Ho
Hitachino Nest
Sankt Gallen

Opening Hours:
Daily, 11.00 - 21:00

Nice and easy. It's inside the barriers at Akihabara station, right by the central gate. That's all you need to know. So, no map this time. Also, not much point putting the address, but if you want to see roughly where it is, here's a link to the location.


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