Monday, 10 November 2014

Brief Nagoya intermission, part 1: Y. Market

(This is part one of my Nagoya posts. Here are parts two and three. These were originally one post, hence there being a kind of introduction on this one and a conclusion on the third one)

I wasn't going to post about my recent trip to Nagoya, but I was encouraged to do so. This will be a bit less detailed post (actually, now three posts...), than usual, as I think it's a bit out of the remit of this blog, but I guess Nagoya isn't so much further away from Tokyo (at least time-wise, by Shinkansen) than some of the other places I have mentioned. For a more in depth view of Nagoya's best beer destinations, check out the Nagoya Beer Drinker blog (link to be added when someone makes the blog...). After doing my usual pre-trip research on ratebeer and asking some of my friends, it seemed that there were nowhere near as many places in Nagoya as there are in Tokyo; on ratebeer only 15 as opposed to 137 in Tokyo. Although many of these Tokyo places are maybe not worth bothering with. We were only in Nagoya two days, so had to be a bit picky, but it probably speaks volumes that two of the places we went to on the first day, we revisited on the second. So without further ado, hear is my very incomprehensive Nagoya rundown (or at least, part one of my Nagoya rundown. Here are parts two and three).

I would imagine that this would be the first stop for any beer lover visiting Nagoya. In fact this was probably one of the main reasons we went to Nagoya. Y. Market is certainly one of the most exciting new breweries in Japan at the moment. The brewery is on the ground floor and the taproom above it. It's fairly large (on the second day they were closing early for a private party for 70 people so this should give you an idea of the size). There are about 10 seats at the bar and then a selection of tables spread around a light and spacious room. They have eight taps, but only six were on when we were there, so there's room for some expansion, although it seems fairly popular already. Beers were served in two sizes, 330ml for ¥650 and 490ml for ¥950 (price was a tiny bit higher for the 10.2% 'W Market IPA' but not significantly so). The food is mainly Mexican based and not particularly veggie friendly. It was a shame that the usual veggie go-to foods had meat intruding on them (the fries were covered in chicken oil or something like that. Probably exciting for non-vegetarians, but a shame for us). The pickled jalapenos were very nice though, although I couldn't taste much immediately after the first couple of slices. If you like Y. Market beers, and I've yet to find someone who doesn't, it's definitely worth visiting.

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday, 15:00-23:00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 11:30-22:00

名駅 4-17-6, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya


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