Saturday, 29 August 2015

Hop-Scotch Craft Beer & Whiskey

Hop-Scotch is a fairly new place specialising in US imports and whiskey. I am ashamed to say that I didn't notice the significance of the name for a while. It features the bar managing talents of Randy, ex of the Hangover, who I guess some of you will know as he is a very important part of the beer scene in Tokyo, in my opinion. Really pleased to see Randy having a new place and I wish him all the best with it. You should go and drink there to support him! Anyway, enough of the preamble, on to the details.

- 8 taps of mostly US imported craft with one Japanese selection. Served in two sizes, US pint and half, which I guess is around 250ml. Prices for a pint are from ¥1000 and for a half from ¥700. Japanese beer is a touch cheaper, but in the same area. Taplist is posted on their facebook page daily. And it now seems that they have a happy hour from 17:00 till 19:00 on weekdays and 15:00 till 18:00 at weekends. You get ¥150 off pints and ¥100 off half pints.
- Fridge full of bottles featuring selections from all the major US importers.
- Pretty small. Counter round the edge of the room with seats for about 10 maybe and then a few standing tables in the middle.
- Didn't try it, but the food looked nice. Will definitely have to have the veggie quesadilla next time. (I think it said quesadilla, my memory is a little fuzzy).

So, there you have it. If you're a fan of US beers, this is definitely the place to come. Best of luck Randy!

Japanese breweries seen on tap here:
Ise Kadoya
Shiga Kogen

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday, 17:00-24:00
Saturday, 15:00-24:00
Sunday & Holidays, 15:00-22:00

富士見 2-2-11, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Beer Pub Camden East

Quite roomy place with a heavy Brewdog theme as you can probably see from the logo. No Japanese craft on tap, but they did have four taps of imported craft beer. On my visit they had Stone, Mikkeller and Brewdog on. Tap information is on their website and looking at this it seems they do sometimes have Japanese stuff on. [Thanks to James for pointing out that they have increased their number of taps. They now can have up to ten beers on. Check their website for today's taplist]. Probably around 50 bottles on the list, mostly imports again, selected from the breweries above and other similar ones. Three serving sizes, half (200ml), regular (400ml) and pint (568ml). Pricing varies beer to beer, but Punk IPA was at the lower end (¥580 for half, ¥860 for regular) and the others were around ¥720 for a half and ¥1200 for regular, so not the cheapest place, but I guess it is imports. Happy Hour (weekdays, 17:00-19:00, weekends, 12:00-17:00) gives you ¥200 off bottles and draft. Nine seats at the counter and 20 or so at tables but has quite a roomy feel. Very reminiscent of Brewdog bars with the bare concrete. There is one of those little smoking areas where the smoker stands next to a strong extractor fan which doesn't work perfectly, but is better than nothing. No cover charge, but tax is added on the bill, so it's a little more than stated above.

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:
None, but it seems they do have Japanese stuff sometimes

Opening Hours:

Monday-Thursday, 17:00-02:00

Friday, 17:00-04:00
Saturday, 12:00-04:00
Sunday, 12:00-02:00


東池袋 1-7-2, 東駒ビル2F, Toshima-ku, Tokyo



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