Friday, 16 October 2015

New Craft Beer Markets: Jimbocho Terrace

This post used to be a joint post with another Craft Beer Market. Check the other one out here if you are interested. The points that both have in common appear in both posts.

Today, part one on two fairly new Craft Beer Markets (click here for all of the CBM posts in one place), grouped together because there is usually not so many differences between the various branches.

So, both branches have the usual 30 taps of cheap beer in the usual sizes at the usual prices. Most beers are served in two sizes 250ml (¥480) and 473ml (¥780). It’s pretty good that these prices haven’t changed since I first mentioned CBMs on here a few years back. Barley Wines and stronger beers come in smaller serving sizes at the lower of the two prices. There is a ¥300 cover charge but this is easily covered if you have a few drinks as the prices are pretty cheap. Taplists for all the branches are updated daily on the CBM website. Both branches have the usual CBM decor, lots of wood and stone, and both seem to be pretty popular, so get there early or make a booking.

So, the specifics for each branch are below, but if you’ve been to a CBM before you pretty much know what you’re getting. This chain seems to just keep growing so they must be doing something right. I think it’s fair to say that the beer lists have definitely got less interesting as the chain expands. I suppose that they are having to spread the good stuff around a bit more and top it up with less interesting beers and breweries. But many people won’t care as much about this I guess. And even with things being spread a little thinner there still always seems to be some good stuff that I want to drink. I don’t know how long they are going to go on expanding. I guess it depends on how long the beer scene keeps growing. Certainly some people I have spoken to feel that there will be a contraction coming soon as this kind of growth can’t continue forever. Time will tell I suppose.

Situated deep in salaryman territory between their Jimbocho and Awajicho branches, I initially wondered if they might be over-saturating things a little in this area, but it seems popular enough. Feels a little different from their other branches, almost like a cafe. There are a couple of counters, a big communal table and what seems to be a small private area at the back. All in all, there’s probably seating for 30-40. They have a few tables outside the front too. Their food speciality is ‘Smoke and Italian’. Situated in the bottom of a office/retail block. I feel, as I always seem to, that they are missing something by not being open all day with at least a skeleton service. Maybe that’s speaking from a European perspective though. I'm sure there would be willing drinkers, but maybe they don’t particularly want daytime drinkers as I imagine that they make most of their money from the food so it might not make sense financially.

Beers on tap (taken from both branches)
Sankt Gallen
Blue Magic
Nihonkai Club

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday, Lunch 11.30-14.00, Evening 17.00-23.30
Saturday, 16.00-23.30
Sunday closed

3-22 神田錦町,  テラススクエア1F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

From Jimbocho station, turn left out of exit A9. Take the second right turn at the traffic lights and then turn left at the next junction. CBM is at the front of this building.


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Alex V said...

I understand your sentiments on CBM Kichijoji. It seems a bit sterile and overstaffed and not the best place to chill with a few pints. However, if you can make it, the lunch service is the time to be there. Relaxed and empty, no otoshi, and on the last visit, they had the Green Elephant IPA from Laurelwood in Portland, as well as a Heretic X AQ Bevolution Honey IPA on draft----and maybe it was due to being a foreigner and others complaining (as I saw pints going out to Japanese customers with a big head), my pints were served to the top with minimal head. Nice!

Tokyo Beer Drinker said...

Thanks again Alex. Funnily enough, given that it was maybe my least favourite of the four places in Kichijoji I went to, I imagine it might be the place I go to most often. It's certainly the most convenient and I can probably guarantee it having something I want to drink on. I normally have Fridays off, so I'll see if I can do the lunchtime thing there some time. Cheers for the tip.