Tuesday, 17 November 2015

PDX Taproom

Today, a brief post on another new place, this one opened only last week. There has been a trickle of information regarding this place for the last six months or so but the actual opening seemed to come around quite quickly. I was in the area at the weekend, so took the opportunity to pay a quick visit.

- 10 taps of Oregon beer, all priced the same. There are two sizes available, US pint (473ml) and half (236ml). They are priced at ¥1100 and ¥700 respectively. Beers are mainly from Portland, but there were a few from other parts of Oregon too. Bar service and cash on delivery, which is a little unusual. No cover charge and tax included. Hooray for transparency!
- Nice looking place, classic 'lots of wood' decor. Around 15 counter seats and a couple of tables for approximately 10 more. Unsurprisingly large array of Portland themed decorations and reading materials.
- Nice looking food menu, which was quite veggie friendly. Focuses more on bar snacks than main meals, but looks tasty. Their food menu and beer menu are available on their facebook. The beer gets posted most days, but you might have scroll back a little for the food.
- Located between Shibuya and Meijijingumae stations. Can't be more than 10 minutes walk from either, so easily reachable.

I think a lot of people presume that this is run by an importer, but I have heard that it is an independent venture. Given their theme, they understandably rely quite heavily on beers imported by Ezo and Oregon Beer Geeks though. You could possibly argue that the prices are a little higher than other places, but given that it's an independent place, I'm prepared to cut them some slack on this. I saw on their facebook page that they are doing beer flights. Didn't notice anything about this when I was there though, so either I am horrendously unobservant or it's something that is coming soon. (It seems it was something that was coming soon, they posted today that flights are available on weekdays from 15:00-17:00 and on weekends from 12:00-15:00). Very pleased that they are opening in the daytime. Hope it lasts, as many daytime places seem to give up after a little while. I like this place and will be keeping an eye on their taplists to decide when to go back. If you are a fan of Oregon beer, this is the place for you. Sorry about the bad photo again. It was raining quite hard, so I did it quickly.

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday, 15:00-23:00
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays, 12:00-23:00

神宮前 5-30-2, 2F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


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