Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Just a quick post today to plead for help again. As you may have heard me complaining recently, it's taking a lot of time and money to try to keep this site even moderately up to date nowadays. The huge amount of new places that are opening is too much work for just one person, particularly given that I seem to be addicted to going only to Gremlin. It is with this in mind that I have decided to see if anyone would be interested in giving me a hand with Tokyo Beer Drinker. My backlog of places to go to is currently at 50 places. It seems that even if I manage to visit and add a few new places, a few more will have opened, so I'm not making much progress.
So, if you would like to contribute to getting a few (or many) places done I would really appreciate it. If you are interested, please send me an email at the address listed on the right hand side and I'll send you my list and see if you fancy doing any of them. Even if you don't want to write anything, but can collect the usual info I post and can take a photo, it would be gratefully received. Given that the site makes absolutely no money, I can't offer you anything more than your name in lights (or at least attached to your writing) and my eternal gratitude. Hmmm, maybe I have made this sound less appealing than I thought it would. Anyway, let me know if you can give me a hand and help out your fellow beer lovers. Cheers!


Madeinepali said...

I am heading to japan this feb but will be there for only a week. You think i could help you out with the pubs I visit near University of Tokyo?

I write my own blog as well, but I used to cover craft beer scene in Seoul, not anymore though. Graduate school takes a lot of time

Tokyo Beer Drinker said...

Thanks for the comment. I am delighted by how many people have offered to help. Thank you to everyone.
If you're only here for one week, I'd say you should probably go to some of the better places in Tokyo instead of trying new ones. But if you do find yourself going anywhere new, let me know.
I definitely understand about not having enough time to keep a blog going!