Sunday, 24 January 2016


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Ever since the Disk Union in Kunitachi closed my visits there have been few and far between, but I was happy to make an exception for Sekiya. Attached to the Seiyu store on the south side of the station, it's a good spot to pick up staples or more unusual bottled beers.

When you enter the shop beers are on the left, with spirits & nihonshu on the right (downstairs is a rather pleasant wine cave). The main attraction is a fridge with around 200 different bottled beers. There is another unit with the usual suspects and chuhais etc, along with some of the more common craft beers like Ao-oni & Yona Yona. Japanese beers on offer seemed to centre around products from Hitachino Nest, Ozeno, and Sankt Gallen, but there were also a good number from Ishikawa Brewery and Umenishiki which personally I don't see that often.

Some of the more unusual (to me) bottles were San Michele Manon from Italy, and Traquair 50 Anniversary Ale, so along with a good selection of UK, USA, Belgian and German beers this could end up being a regular stop. They also sell Belgian beer glasses. Just wish that Disk Union was still there ...

Japanese breweries available when I visited:
Hitachino Nest

Oze No Yukidoke
Sankt Gallen
Tama No Megumi (Ishikawa)

Opening Hours:

Sunday-Thursday, 11:00-22:00
Friday & Saturday, 11:00-23:00

せきやビル 1F/B1F, 中1-9-30, Kunitachi, Tokyo


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