Friday, 1 April 2016

Beer Factory Kamikaze

A quick post about this brewery in Nishikunitachi. It's been around quite a long time, but given that it's in a location that I don't often visit and that I'd tried both of their beers before, it wasn't high on my list of priorities. However, last weekend the chance arose and I popped in.

- Brewery bar at the edge of a complex of buildings arranged around an old villa. There's also a fancy restaurant and cafe here but we only visited the brewery bar.
- Strangely alluring old school feel to it. Slightly reminiscent of a Belgian brown cafe (possibly due to lots of smoking going on here over the years). Patrons seemed to be locals and not exactly young, but if felt like a fun place. Around ten tables for four people and a small counter. View of the (strangely) huge brewery from the bar.
- Friendly and helpful staff and quite accommodating regarding their food menu. They kindly didn't charge us the cover charge (¥300, I think) as we had asked to take the meat off the pizza (the otoshi was meat).
- Two beers, Cream and Amber, served in three sizes, small joki (maybe 250ml), big joki (maybe 450ml) and pitcher. Prices were ¥450, ¥650 and ¥1950 respectively.
- Right next to Nishikunitachi station. As you cross the tracks you'll see the picture above. The entrance is pictured below at the other end of the building.

So, it's probably not somewhere a visitor to Tokyo needs to go, or maybe even a resident of Tokyo. But it was a fun place. There was some smoking happening at the other end of the bar, but it wasn't that noticeable so maybe they have good ventilation. If you're in the area, worth popping in to give it a try and for the experience.

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 17:00-23:00
Closed Sunday and holidays

錦町 1-24-26, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo



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