Saturday, 2 April 2016

Daimon/Hamamatsucho round up part 3: Barchetta

(This was originally part of a big Daimon/Hamamatsucho area round up post until I decided to split it in order for the tags to work better. Here are part 1, part 2 and part 4)

Barchetta is an Italian restaurant chain that just happens to have decent Japanese craft beer. They used to have a branch in Aoyama which I had heard great things about, but this has recently closed down. So when we passed a branch in Daimon it seemed worth a look.

- Restaurant, so the focus is naturally food. Have heard good things about the quality of the food.
- Pretty spacious and no way of knowing how many seats there were as it was split over two floors and I didn't see upstairs. Small counter for four or five people and the manager was nice enough to let us pop in for just the one beer without charging us a cover charge. If you are dining though, you will have to pay it.
- 10 taps of Japanese craft beer for a variety of breweries. There was some interesting beers I haven't seen elsewhere and some interesting breweries. Sizes are 250ml and 500ml and prices are ¥580 and ¥890 respectively. Tax is added at the end though. But still decent pricing and good sizes, especially for a restaurant.

I'd like to stop here for some food sometime as the manager was a nice guy who seemed to care about beer. The food coming out of the kitchen looked good and the pricing seems more than reasonable. I suspect it's a good place to stop in for lunch and load up on well-priced beers!

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:
Ise Kadoya
Oh La Ho

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 11:30-14:00, 17:30-23:30
Closed Sunday and holidays

浜松町 1-18-11, Minato-ku, Tokyo



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