Monday, 4 April 2016

Mikkeller Spring Pop-Up (NOW CLOSED)


A quick post on the new Mikkeller Spring pop-up bar that opened on Saturday in Nakameguro. A quick post as it may not be open very long, but it is definitely worth a visit. In fact, it might be one of the most unique drinking places in Tokyo. Although there are definitely comparisons that could be made with Yanaka Beer Hall.
Firstly, apologies for the photo. It shows the main entrance to the bar down the side of the building and it's easy to miss. However they now have a sign outside, so it should be a bit easier to spot. There is another entrance through Chez Chau, the Vietnamese street food restaurant that takes up the front of the building. This is basically an old Japanese house that has been hastily but elegantly converted into a bar. The feel is kind of reminiscent of the old bar, apart from the fact that it is much smaller and is a house. There has been a floor laid over the tatami so there's thankfully no need for talking shoes off. There's one armchair and a couple of stools in the genkan and a couple more seats in the main room. Beware of the low doorways. I managed to not bang my head, but it's surely only a matter of time before I do. I guess I could put some photos of the interior here, but I think it's better to come and see it for the first time in the flesh, rather than come knowing what to expect.
The bar is in the back room. They had five taps when we arrived yesterday and by the time I left that had increased to seven. If they carry on at this rate they'll be back up to twenty in no time. (UPDATE: went it today again and apparently the aim is ten taps and it should be sorted quite soon). Although if that happens there may not be any room left for anyone to enter the building. The prices and serving sizes are the same as at the old place, 200ml and 400ml and naturally the prices vary by beer. (Have just been told that the larger size now seems to be US pint, but the prices are in the same area still). Yesterday, all the beers were by Mikkeller, but there are plans to get other stuff in and for some special events. All in all, it seems pretty exciting to me.
So, a pretty unique experience that will only be around for a limited time (the building is scheduled for demolition at some stage). The bar will be there for at least a couple of months and should hopefully help fill the gap between the old bar and the new bar which we can hope for later in the year. If you liked the old Mikkeller place and feel uncomfortable going to the ridiculous plastic imitation that has been opened in the former location (which apparently wouldn't hand over the Mikkeller Tokyo facebook page, so they had to make a new one), you have got to come here and make the most of it whilst you can.

Japanese breweries seen on tap here:
None at the moment, but keep an eye out...

Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 15:00-24:00
Friday, 15:00-01:00
Saturday, 12:00-01:00
Sunday, 12:00-24:00

上目黒 1-11-1, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


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