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Nonsuch is a bar in Ikebukuro. It is a few minutes walk from JR Ikebukuro station or about 30 seconds from Exit C3 which is close to the Yurakucho and Fukutoshin lines.
The layout was a bit complicated, but I guess there are about 20 seats in all. There are about three seats at the bar counter and another three at another counter facing a wall. The rest are at various tables.
Beer came in three sizes; half, regular and pint. The half is ¥750, regular is ¥950 and a pint is ¥1350. I ordered the regular and was disappointed with the size which I estimated to be about 250ml. The pint did seem to be a real UK pint so it's much better value than the regular size. The beer that was on tap when I went in was Fuller's Jack Frost, Sankt Gallen Yokohama XPA, Iwatekura Nonsuch original brown ale and Iwatekura IPA (real ale). I think this last one is always on. [At least two of these taps are always genuine real ale and the pub is quite picky about it conforming to the British definition of this]. There is no cover charge, which is always welcome.
I went in on Saturday (it doesn't open until 7pm) shortly after it opened and it was pretty much full. The extractor fans seem to be very weak and the smoke level was absolutely awful, but maybe I was just unlucky. Nonsuch has a bit of a British feel and the music is all from the UK, the Stones, Oasis etc. There is also a reasonable food menu.
Overall, this place has plenty regulars and a lively atmosphere. Not a great beer selection but if you like British music it might be the place for you. Way too smoky for me though.

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:
Sankt Gallen

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 19:00-04:00
Closed Sunday

西池袋 5-1-6, 2F, Toshima-ku, Tokyo



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