Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sakazuki Brewing

Today, a post on a new brewpub that has recently opened very near World Beer Market/Tokyo Liquor Land/Sake no Taniguchi (choose your favourite name for that place). It seemed to appear a little out of nowhere, which probably says more about how up to speed with the beer scene I am at the moment than anything else. I was able to make the trip up there on a Friday afternoon. Yes, this is another place with some daytime opening!

-Nice looking place with a decent amount of seating. Nice view of the brewery from the bar. The brewer was tinkering with something as I sat at the bar enjoying her creations. Seating for about 20 and a counter for about eight.
- Decent pricing. All beers are ¥500 (¥540 including tax) and are served in 300ml pours. Was delighted to see that they use different glass shapes depending on the beer style. A nice touch.
- Capability for ten taps, but only five were on, four of their own beers and something called Asahi Super Dry. Guess this is a rare beer from somewhere in Japan that I have never heard of. Their own beers when I visited were a Weizen, English Pale Ale, Mild Ale (! Now there's a style you don't often see much of in Japan!) and a Belgian influenced Blonde. I was a bit pressed for time so only could have the Mild and the Pale Ale. Both were pretty damn nice and drinkability was high. Seems they cover a few bases with the styles though as I heard there was an Imperial Stout on the week before I visited.

Like I said, not really sure where they came from, but I am very happy they have appeared. The beers were surprisingly good, particularly for such a new brewery. I think we have had some pretty good new brewpubs opening recently. Kita Senju is a place I find myself now and again and I think their proximity to World Beer Market will work out well for both places. There is now twice the reason to head to the East side of Kita Senju station. I am looking forward to going back and seeing what they have got on next time.

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:

Opening Hours:
Wednesday-Friday, 16:00-22:30
Saturday, 13:00-22:30
Sunday, 13:00-21:30

千住旭町 11-10, Adachi-ku, Tokyo




Steve said...

While this will not work for you, this is quite close to the best bowl of ramen with beef in Tokyo (& some people assert is the best to be had anywhere), Matador.
I have had some success shopping for AVs at the BookOff in Kita-Senju as well. But do not ask me for the titles of some of them. In two instances, it was a jaw-dropping false title designated to entice somebody to buy it. {But it was cheap, so I do not consider it a gouge.}
You should suggest this pub to people staying at hostels in Asakusa, which is only ¥200 away on a Tobu train.

starbird said...

The head brewer here (Kanayama-san) is female. She spent a number of years brewing at Asahi, so that tap line is perhaps a nod to her history.

The brewery was crowdfunded!

Tokyo Beer Drinker said...

Thanks for the comment Starbird. I hadn't realised my mistake in this post. I was told that the brewer was female but wasn't aware when I originally visited. Will update it now. And yeah, the Asahi thing was my idea of a hilarious joke... sorry!