Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Takadanobaba Beer Kobo

The latest in the ever expanding chain of Bakushu Kobo brewpubs that started in Koenji a while ago. This one has a few things that distinguishes it from the other places which I will mention below, but on the whole, it's the usual Bakushu Kobo package.

- First time they have strayed from the Chuo line. Location is pretty close to Takadanobaba station in what is quite a studenty area. Nice airy interior but shockingly there's not so much wood this time! Maybe feels a bit more spacious than some of the other branches, so much that I couldn't/didn't count the seats.
- Service at the bar as usual, but this time you take the card from your table to identify which tab you're on. As with some of the other branches systems, it possibly feels like it is unnecessarily over-complicated, but hell, it's original.
- Six taps and when I visited there were five of their beers on. Beer styles seemed similar to the other branches as expected. But, there seems to be a new sizing system. You can order by the glass (300ml, ¥400-¥500), flask (500ml, ¥600-¥700) or mini keg type thing (1800ml, ¥1800-¥1900). The idea seems to be that you use the larger containers to pour for yourself at your table. I saw someone doing the flask and it looked pretty neat. Not sure how this works with the mini keg though. Is there a spout or something? No cover charge.
- Daytime opening! Is this becoming a thing? I'll be very happy if it is. Seems that a few new places are doing it. I hope they continue.

So, if you've been to one of these places, you pretty much know what you are getting here. The daytime opening is the big plus for me. I can combine it with a visit to the nearby Disk Union and Tanakaya. Guess this place will benefit from the increased beer traffic that appears when the new Baird Taproom opens in Takadanobaba soon.

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 11:30-23:00
Sunday & Holidays, 11:30-22:00

高田馬場 1-29-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

None, apparently


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