Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Niigata intermission part 2: Craft Beer Kan

(This post was previously part of a Niigata round up with three places in one. They have now been split into separate entries. The other parts are part 1 and part 3

This is a relatively new place that has opened up very conveniently on the outside of Niigata station. Perfect to spend your last or first few hours in Niigata.

- Kind of station bar feel to it. Not much seating and not much room inside. In times of pleasant weather there are a few benches outside and it was pretty nice sitting there watching the world go by. So, limited seating but I think it's more of a drop-in place rather than somewhere you would have  long session.
- Perhaps contrary to what I said above might suggest, it has the biggest tap list in Niigata. There are 40 taps, and probably slightly over thirty of these are Japanese craft beer with an emphasis on local stuff. The rest were imports (apart from one stray tap of Asahi). Pricing for Japanese beers is ¥500 for a half and ¥900 for the pint. The imports are ¥700 a half and ¥1300 a pint. There is also a limited bottle selection. Japanese bottles are ¥700 and import bottles and cans range from ¥900-¥1100.
- Payment is made through the kind of ticket machine you might expect to find in a ramen shop. Initially confusing, but afterwards quite fun. Staff seemed pretty understanding and helpful so obviously have a fair bit of experience of people having trouble with the machine. Locals also seem very friendly and are keen to speak to out-of-towners. One wanted us to change our train time and stay longer.

This was the perfect place to finish our trip. Given the proximity to the station it's ideal for filling however much time you have before you depart. It was a fun place so I'd suggest leaving yourself more time than you think you need. But I guess maybe if it was freezing cold it wouldn't be so much fun. It's covered though, so rain isn't a problem. I like the fact that there is a focus on local stuff. What's the point of traveling if you don't enjoy the local stuff? Should also mention that they have another branch in Furumachi. We didn't make it there as they were closed on Sunday so can't tell you about it, but here's their facebook page.

Japanese breweries recently seen on tap:
Tainai Kogen
Swan Lake
Shiga Kogen
10 Ants
Sankt Gallen
Hitachino Nest
(and many more)

Opening Hours:
Daily, 12:00-23:00

花園 1-1-1, Chuo-ku, Niigata

Really no need for a map this time. It's on the first floor (ground floor) in the station facing out on the South side. 


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Tim M. said...

Thanks for all the good work. I'll be checking this place out & the other two you mention when I go up to Niigata next weekend for the beer festival. Cheers!