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There was a time I would go to Craft Beer Baby in Urawa 2-3 times a week. Then I had a kid and that number fell to once a week. Then, in December, they closed and it fell to once a month that I would walk past their shuttered shop and mournfully sigh. But in May they reopened, and there was much rejoicing in my home.
Before closing it had been around, I think, 4 or 5 years, so maybe some of you have been before. For those people, there are some differences now. First, and most inevitably, the atmosphere is different. The staff is completely new, and staff have such a big effect on atmosphere that in many ways it feels like a different bar. I should stress the new staff is good. Just as a former regular, it feels weird.
Second, it's now no-smoking. Before they had no-smoking on the second floor and smoking on the first. Now if you smoke, do it outside. There are some other minor changes, but I think for return customers, those are the things that will really stand out.
Now, for the Baby virgins (is that the best way to say that?), what are the details? It's located close to Urawa station in a rather old and somewhat disgusting shopping arcade. The inside of the bar is quite nice, and though small, only feels cramped on the busiest of days. The bar itself is on the 1st floor, which has counter seating for ten and table seating for four. The second floor has table seating for ten. So as you can see, it's not a big place. But for Saitama, it's big enough. The food is good, but not great, with some interesting menu items.
Now, the most important part, the beer. They have ten taps, but usually only have eight on. The beers are predominantly Japanese craft, with an occasional import or something upscale from one of the Japanese macrobreweries. The breweries represented are some of the better known and well respected breweries, so it's rare to find something you've never tried before, but it's also rare to get a real stinker that you instantly regret ordering.
Prices are no bargain, but seem close to standard. ¥1000-¥1200 for a US pint, about ¥300 less for the smaller size, which I believe is a half. Import beers, add a couple hundred yen to that. No table charge, but tax is added on after- which is another new thing since the reopen. The beer list is put up on their Facebook page every day, so if you're thinking of going, take a look.
All in all it's a nice place. One drawback is it's in Urawa, so there's a good chance you'll bump into Urawa Reds fans. But try not to make eye contact with them and you should be okay.

Japanese breweries on tap:
Ise Kadoya
Sankt Gallen

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday, 17:00-01:00
Saturday, 15:00-01:00
Sunday & holidays, 17:00-23:00
Closed Monday

高砂 2-8-9 ナカギンザビル, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken




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Mothy said...

Sadly they've closed down. The plan at the moment is for them to open up again at a new location eventually, but for now they're gone.

Tokyo Beer Drinker said...

Thanks for letting me know. I'll leave this here with a warning that it's not there anymore. Cheers!