Thursday, 21 July 2016

Hamamatsu round-up part 2: Shinnosuke O

(This post was originally on three different places. They have now been split into individual posts. Click the links for part 1 and part 3)

Bookshop/bar combination located very close to both of the central Hamamastu stations. Nice atmosphere and friendly clientele and staff. We only had time for a couple of beers and to buy a couple of books but this was probably my favourite place in Hamamatsu.

- 2nd floor location, look for the sign outside. Fairly spacious but with seating only for 10 at the counter and 12 at tables. Books are scattered round the room on shelves so you can browse them whilst you are drinking.
- Seven taps, but one is Heineken. The other six are mainly Japanese craft but with one Belgian and one US import. Beers served in two (apparently flexible) sizes, regular 400-470ml and half 250-300ml but the pours seemed quite generous. Prices are ¥1080-¥1280 and ¥750-¥950 respectively. Tax is added at the end and they round up to the nearest ¥100, I guess because they don't want to mess around with small change.
- Food available. The pizza menu looked good but unfortunately we didn't have time. Next time!
- Occasionally closed, so best check their blog for their monthly days off. Daytime opening at the weekend.

Japanese breweries recently seen on tap:
Oh La Ho
Beer Hearn/Herun

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday, 17:00-23:00
Saturday, Sunday & holidays, 13:00-23:00
closed Monday and some other days too. Check their blog for details.

鍛治町1-43 2F, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka-ken



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