Thursday, 21 July 2016

Hamamatsu round-up part 3: Tir Na n-Og

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An Irish bar in Japan that serves Baird beer. Not sure what the Irish part is, apart from the name actually. This is pretty much a Baird taproom with the occasional guest. Managed to quickly squeeze in one of their house beers (made by Baird naturally) as soon as they opened and still get to the match on time.

- Basement bar, so look for the sign on the street. Decor seems pretty standard Japanese craft beer bar rather than any Irish theme pub stuff. Counter for around eight and tables for 12. Nice looking place and the staff were friendly.
- 15 taps, 14 of which were Baird. 12 regulars, their house beer and one seasonal. The other tap was an imported US cider. Beers served in three sizes, pint (US, I guess, but didn't see it), half and taster. Prices for the majority of the beers were ¥850, ¥550 and ¥400 respectively. Suruga Bay was a little more expensive, ¥950, ¥850 (flutelet, which was a stemmed tall glass, probably about 300ml) and ¥450. The strong seasonal by Baird was ¥1000, ¥900 (flutelet) and ¥500 and the cider ¥1100, ¥1000 (flutelet) and ¥550.
- Food menu which we didn't get a chance to investigate.

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Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday-Friday, 18:00-23:30
Saturday & Sunday, 15:00-23:30
closed Tuesday and the third Monday of the month

田町 329-8 B1, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka-ken



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