Tuesday, 9 August 2016

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A few months ago a slightly bizarre video started appearing on Facebook posts showing a group of Exile like guys in dungarees drinking beer, playing some kind of percussion piece on handtools whilst constructing a shed on wheels somewhere in Yamanashi. It seems that they have finished it, driven it to Tokyo and parked it up a short walk from Gaienmae station [Actually, it's now moved closer to Omotesando station. Map and address are updated below] . It’s a pretty unique experience, but it is essentially still summed up as a high end shed on wheels with four taps of craft beer.

- As I have said a few times already, a shed on wheels, but surprisingly fancy looking inside. Not much space, as you would expect, but maybe up to 10 could stand here if they were all quite friendly with each other.
- Mainly imports, and mainly US ones, but with some Japanese craft too (beer list on their Facebook and Twitter daily it seems). All beers served in two sizes and at the same prices, pint for ¥900 and half for ¥600. We are definitely talking US pint sizes rather than UK sizes. [I can confirm that the two sizes are 425ml and 295ml]. Unfortunately all beers are served in plastic cups which contrasts a little with the fancy interior but I guess it’s the only way things can work in such a small place. Maybe it’s ok to bring your own glass? No charge naturally and tax included.
- Some daytime opening but like many other places it closes midway through the afternoon. I arrived on time for the opening after the afternoon break but it didn’t open immediately, so if you have a strong objection to waiting around, I’d give them a bit of leeway and not turn up right on opening time. Now open all through the day. At least at the moment anyway. Also, apparently they intend to take the bar around to festivals and events so I think if you’re planning to visit it’s a good idea to check their Facebook page and check whether they’ll be there or not.

So, it’s quite a fun place to pop in for a couple but maybe not somewhere you could spend too long in given the size. The prices are great, but the plastic cup is a bit of a let down for me, but I totally understand why they do it. It’s in a bit of a strange location, but I’m sure it would be a fun addition to a pub crawl.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:
Shiga Kogen
Swan Lake

Opening Hours:
Daily, 11:00-22:00

COMMUNE 2nd, 南青山 3-13, Minato-ku, Tokyo



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