Thursday, 11 August 2016


Today, another Fujisawa place. Grano is a pizzeria with a decent selection of craft beer just a few minutes from the station. I’d heard good things about their pizzas and was interested to check them out and of course, also the beers.

- Very much feels like a pizza restaurant (because that’s what it is, I guess). Seating at tables for 30 and a counter for six. Pizzas were very nice.
- 8 taps of craft beer. All imports when we visited but they did have a lot of Mikkeller on from the previous week’s tap takeover.
- Once again, beers served in four sizes (I guess they like extra large and extra small beers in Fujisawa!), tasting size (probably 150ml), glass (300ml), pint (500ml) and mass (1000ml). Prices are as follows, T - ¥300-¥400,  G - ¥850-¥1100, P - ¥1100-¥1350 and M - ¥2000-¥2300. So, a little bit on the expensive side, particularly the glass size. Definitely stick to the pints I guess, which are actually bigger than most places ‘pints’ (500ml rather than the standard US pint 473ml). If you haven’t noticed previously, 'pint' doesn’t really mean pint in Japan. More like 'standard large size'.
- Beers were a mix of Danish, US, Norwegian and Canadian imports. Some interesting stuff there.

A nice place. The pizzas were delicious and the beers were good. As I said above, some of the sizes are definitely better value than others, so we had a couple of pints and then had tasters for the others that we fancied trying. Would definitely go back here again too. A great combo with Mokichi.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday, 16:00-02:00
Saturday & Sunday, 12:00-02:00

鵠沼花沢町2-4, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken



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