Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Mokichi Craft Beer

I recently made the trip out of Tokyo to Shonan (football again) and once again took the chance to visit a few beer places that I have been meaning to put on here for ages. Firstly, it’s Mokichi Craft Beer, the beer restaurant of the Shonan brewery in Fujisawa. I went here once before, quite a while ago, and was surprised to hear when I visited that the place had only been open around four years. Guess we went there quite soon after it opened. Anyway, I’m going to split up these Shonan area posts as I am going to add a lot of different tags on here soon and because of this, it makes more sense for places to have individual entries. Enough about blog admin issues and on with the stuff you might be interested in.

- Very nice looking place not far from the station. The usual combination of wood, stone and metal but this time done in a more original way giving it a nice atmosphere. Lots of seating split over two floors at various tables and a counter for six.
- 10 taps of Shonan beers, with over half of them seasonals. Beers served in four sizes from here forwards known by their initials, taster (150ml), small (270ml), large (420ml) and pitcher (1800ml). Regular beers are priced as follows: T - ¥345, S - ¥560, L - ¥795 and P - ¥3045. The seasonal are priced a little higher (and are mostly higher alcohol), T - ¥360-¥430, S - ¥600-¥720, L - ¥845-¥1030 and P - ¥3520-¥4340. Beer is served in their brewery branded glassware which is nice and a good shape for enjoying the beer to the full. Limited selection of bottles to take away too. Prices include tax and there is no cover charge (hooray!). There is a large food menu too, but I didn’t try anything. Next time.
- Open during the day but seems to close for an hour before they start the dinner session so be careful not to pin your hopes on drinking there between 15:00 and 16:00.

A very nice place that I have enjoyed a lot both times I’ve been there. This time was particularly nice as the Wezienbock was absolutely delicious! A highly recommend stop if you are in the area. Perfect combination of good beers, good prices and friendly staff.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday, 11:30-16:00 & 17:00-23:00
Saturdays & Holidays, 11:30-23:00
Sundays, 11:30-22:00

南藤沢20-19, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken



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