Thursday, 8 September 2016

Baird Bashamichi Taproom

Baird Bashamichi is another place that I've been a few times but for some reason have never added. Possibly when I go to Yokohama I get a bit overwhelmed and forget to take pictures and notes. But anyway, here it finally is. As there are significant similarities with the other Baird taprooms, I will concentrate on what is different and direct you to all the other posts on Baird taprooms here.

- Definitely one of the bigger taprooms. Seats are spread over three floors with a large bar area with counter and a few tables at street level, the main table seating area on the 2nd floor and a 3rd floor patio which overlooks the street and a 'garden house'. This third floor is available for parties apparently. Plenty of seating, but, like all Baird places, it is quite popular. Worth getting there early or making a booking.
- Beer prices and sizes are naturally the same as the other taprooms (500ml and 250ml for the regulars, and 400ml and 200ml for the seasonals; prices are ¥1000 for large and ¥600 for small, and very occasionally a little bit extra if the beer is extra high alcohol or extra special somehow, but in the same sort of area). Bashamichi has 25 taps (including maybe a couple of guest beers) and 2 handpumps. They also sell bottles which you can take away which I think is unique to the Baird taprooms I have been to. No cover charge and tax is included.
- Food is American BBQ, so not great for me as a vegetarian, but I've heard that it's nice.

If you like Baird beers and Baird taprooms, this is a must visit. I think it might be the nicest of all of the taprooms that I have visited, particularly the patio part (although I've heard great things about the Takadanobaba patio, but haven't seen it). I don't seem to go to Baird taprooms so often but every time I do go, I am pleasantly surprised and wonder why I don't go more often. The beers are good and these are very nice places to drink. But then, you probably know all of this anyway, don't you? But I said it all in case you didn't. Cheers!

Japanese breweries seen on tap:

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday, 17:00-00:00
Saturday, Sunday & holidays, 12:00-00:00

住吉町 5-6-1, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa-ken



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