Monday, 26 September 2016

CraftBeer Cafe & Bar Synchronicity

I visited Synchronicity ages ago, back in the Spring and was intending to pop in to Living the same night and combine them in one post. Sadly Living was closed for a private party that night and I have only now managed to finally visit it. Ironically, after having the Synchronicity photo and details sitting on my computer for so long, I have now decided to revamp the tags on this blog (coming soon…) and now am going to post most places separately in order to not confuse matters. Nevertheless, it feels good that the two places (which as far as I know have absolutely no connection, other than the fact that I intended to visit them both the same night) can now be united and sit next to each other in the list of posts on this blog. Anyway, guess this is not the most relevant intro, so I won’t waste any more time and will get on with telling you what you need to know.

- Another Kannai bar, very close to Bay Brewing and Antenna America on that side of the train tracks and consequently another option for a Kannai crawl.
- Feels more like a pub than some of the new fancier bars and that’s a good point for me. Quite comfortable with a counter for around ten and seats for maybe 20 more. Unfortunately, smoking is allowed.
- Eight taps of craft beer, for some reason added to the menu in an apparently random number order. All Japanese craft and a mix of the more common names around with a couple you don’t see so often. Beers served in three sizes, S (280ml), M (360ml) and L (568ml), priced from ¥500-¥700 (S), ¥650-¥900 (M) and ¥900-¥1300 (L), so not too bad prices at all (remember the UK pint here is much bigger than usual US pints). No cover charge and tax included in the prices.

And that’s about it. The details are hazy as it has been a while since my visit and my notes were restricted to a couple of lines and a photo of the beer menu. When writing this post I noticed that their beer line up is posted on their Facebook daily and by the looks of some recent posts they get some pretty good stuff on tap here! Have a look for yourself and pop in and see. Their website doesn’t seem to really be working very well, but according to their Facebook they have lengthy opening hours which includes the daytime. Hooray!

Japanese breweries seen on tap:

Tainai Kogen
Shiga Kogen

Opening Hours:
Monday & Wednesday-Saturday, 12:00-01:00

Sunday, 12:00-00:00
Closed Tuesday

福富町東通 1-7-9, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa-ken



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