Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Anchor Point

A quick post on a new brewpub, or more accurately a huge fancy restaurant that makes its own beers. Anchor Point has really appeared out of nowhere and I hadn't heard of it till a friend mentioned it. There's clearly some big money behind it as the place is snazzy and massive but they are making 'craft beer' and it was surprisingly nice. I would hesitate to call it a brewpub, as although it does tick the boxes required, the focus is clearly the food, but it's still fine to pop in and just drink the beers.

- As mentioned already, this is a big place. There's a counter for 12 and then lots of tables. It's a restaurant after all. Large, open, high-ceilinged room attached to an office or maybe apartment building. Big patio out front too. Lots of staff buzzing around but was very quiet when we visited early evening on a public holiday.
- Five taps of beer, which in time will be all of their own. They only had three of theirs on when we visited though and a couple of US imports. Their beers seem pretty good value. Served in two sizes, medium (¥700 and pretty big, I'd say at least 300ml) and large (¥1000, bigger, 500ml at least, I'd say). Imports were pricier and to be honest it's not worth coming here to drink them as you could do that in plenty of other places. Tax included but there was a ¥400 cover charge per person when we went. Maybe this is not the case during the daytime or on the patio, but beware that it could be.
- Daytime opening again!

So, a place that will appeal to some and not to others I guess. The beers were (mostly) surprisingly nice for such a new brewery and especially when you consider that the restaurant seems to be the focus rather than the brewery hidden out the back. The patio would be great on a sunny day, although the location, deep in office worker territory, might not be exactly where you find yourself hanging around. The pours seemed generous and the staff were nice. So, all in all, a pleasant surprise.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:
Anchor Point

Opening Hours:
Daily, 11:30-23:00


平河町 2-6-4, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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