Thursday, 10 November 2016

Goto Jozo


Today, another quick post, this time on a new brewpub, although strictly speaking, you can't really call it that at the moment as they have yet to start brewing on site. Goto Jozo is a small standing bar tucked away in a side street near Kyodo station. They haven't been open very long and this might explain why they haven't managed to start brewing yet. They have a couple of their own beers but they're not exactly their own beers yet, as one was a collaboration with Futako and one brewed at Hitachino Nest. Actually, the Futako one was probably made there too. But they have a space set up for the brewery in the room next to the bar so I guess it's just a matter of time before they start up properly. Here is the info you need.

- Standing bar but with a couple of seats dotted around. Standing room for probably about 15 people along a couple of counters against the wall, a small bar area and a central island table. Would imagine it could be quite cramped if that many people were in there though. When I visited early on a Saturday night there were a few people there and more came over the course of my two beers, so maybe it's a reasonably popular place in the local neighbourhood.
- Five taps, but only four on when I went. I guess that they intend to fill these with their own beers in time, but at the moment they have some guests on. Selection of breweries was a little unusual, Hyappa, Futako, Tainai Kogen. Depending on your opinion of these breweries, this could be a good or bad thing. Certainly something different anyway.
- Beers served in four sizes 275ml (¥500), 385ml (¥800), 580ml (¥1000) and 1160ml (¥1800). All beers priced the same. A decent price for your ml here. Tax is included and there's no cover charge. It's cash on delivery so you pay as you go and order at the bar.

So, a new brewery in a location with not much in the way of craft beer (there's a place called Sumicraft too, but haven't been there yet). I originally intended to wait till they started brewing before I went here, but found myself in the area and thought I'd pop in. This place is kind of reminiscent of the Bakushu Kobo places, but on a bit smaller scale. Will have to go back and update when the brewery is up and running.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:
Goto Jozo
Tainai Kogen

Opening Hours:
Variable. Best check their website where they list their opening hours week by week. It's the first thing at the top of the page when you follow this link


経堂 2-14-3, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo



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SL said...

Seeing as your review is a wee bit old, I'll give a quick update.

4 taps on offer. Typically 3 will be an in-house brew (the room next to the bar area has 4 tanks in action), 1 will be a guest beer. Although occasionally it's 2/2.

General quality of the beers is good in this drinkers opinion and the price perfect at 1,000 for the 580ml. Kyodo Ale is the staple beer on tap, the other 2 will usually change depending on the season, or I guess what the brewer is feeling like at that moment. Often 1 of these taps is a more experimental style brew. At the moment there's a quite punchy IPA and a bintan ale (Japanese citrus).

As mentioned it's standing only, which lends to a more social atmosphere. On the nicer days there's a barrel and bench outside to enjoy a drink in the sun.

One last thing, whilst there's no kitchen per say, the snacks on the menu and pretty damn good. The potato salad gets a double thumbs up.

Tokyo Beer Drinker said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like I should go back soon.