Sunday, 11 December 2016

Hitachino Brewing Lab Tokyo Station

So, Hitachino Nest/Kiuchi have opened another Tokyo bar. I am a bit of a fan of their first location in Ochanomizu/Akihabara. It's pleasant to sit outside there next to the river and enjoy a daytime beer. The new place is a bit smaller, but the idea is the same, so it might be worth checking the post on the other location to get an idea. In any case, here are the details.

- Pretty small place in Granroof, stuck on top of the front of the east/Yaesu side of Tokyo station, looking down over the bus station. Big central table for maybe 15 at a push and a couple of other small seating areas. Not sure if they will expand outside in warmer times, but there definitely seems to be space and it would be quite a nice place to sit.
- 8 kegs and 2 handpumps of their beer. As with the other brewing lab there seems to be some rotation of beers. Unlike the other place they have handpumps and big bottles of their barrel-aged stuff. All taps are priced at ¥680. The big bottles were almost ¥3000! Tasting set of three beers for ¥980 but you can't choose which ones. Not sure of the sizes. No cover charge and tax is included. Pay as you go at the bar.
- Same small dishes served in jars as at the other brew lab (is Japas an actual thing? That's what I call it anyway) and looks like they do lunch sets too.

So, nothing very new, but it's another nice place to have a beer. I think I prefer the other branch as it's a lot less cramped, but if they have a patio here too, then I might change my mind. The location is good (well, I mean it's convenient if you are traveling or meeting someone) but I feel it's probably intended as somewhere you'd pop in to for one or two rather than a destination to spend a whole night out at. Daytime opening is a big bonus for me. That's probably half of the reason I like the other branch. The keg and cask beers are reasonably priced, but I think the bottles could be a bit of a hard sell. I'd like to try them, but not for ¥3000. But yeah, another decent place.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:
Hitachino Nest

Opening Hours:
Daily, 11:00-23:00


丸の内 1-9-1, グランルーフ2F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

I don't think I can really give you a map for this one. You just have to leave the station via the Yaesu exit, find the bus station and then turn round and look up. The pin is in broadly the right place on the map, so if you are having trouble, check the map.



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