Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Beerttoria Miagolare

Today the first of three Chitosekarasuyama places. We're starting with the trickily named Beerttoria Miagolare and will follow up with Novel Craft and Ann's. Seems like there is good potential for a pub crawl here! I have friends who visit these places quite often so I thought it was time I got my finger out and went and put them on here.

- Beerttoria is a cat themed Italian-food-serving craft beer restaurant. It's a pretty bright place with cat decorations wherever you look. There is a counter for six and three other tables for four people. When I visited, there were what seemed like three regulars at the counter chatting away to the staff (who were very friendly). One of them was eating a pizza. I wish I'd had a pizza... Just going here for drinks is totally fine for them too though, which is nice! All in all, it felt like a really nice and comfortable place and I'm pretty sure I'll go back.
-  They had eight taps, but were serving only six beers when I was there. The beers were mostly imports and mostly from the US. They did have one tap of Kyoto on though, which was nice. Also they had a nice French cider too. All are served in three sizes, S (260ml), Glass (380ml) and Pint (470ml). Prices ranged from ¥700-1000, ¥900-1200 and ¥1050-1400. So maybe a little more than some other places but not as much as many of the places I've visited recently. They also have a fridge with some bottles and cans which started from ¥850. Tasting set available too. Three 120ml servings for ¥1000 which is alright by me. Beers were served in nice stemmed glassware.
- Pleasingly non-smoking. Also, there was no cover charge and tax was included so no unpleasant surprises at the end.

One thing I like as much as I like beer is pizza, so I think I'll definitely be going back here. Perhaps the beer selection wasn't exactly what I would be looking for, but there was a nice range of styles available. Also they list their beers on their facebook page and on their twitter, so you can always wait until you see something you want to drink and then visit. The place had a really nice feel to it, like a locals place but in a friendly and welcoming way, rather than a 'what are you doing here?' way. They open at lunch but close mid afternoon, so I'm guessing they expect to serve more food than beer at that time. My favourite in this area. So far...

Japanese breweries seen on tap:

Opening Hours:
Daily, 10:00-14:00 & 17:00-01:30

南烏山 6-5-7, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo



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