Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ann's Craftbeer Cafe

Finally, this is part three of my Chitosekarasuyama round up. Part one was Beertoria Miagolare and part two was Novel Craft. After I’d tried to visit Ann's twice on a Wednesday, I discovered that their opening hours on their Facebook page were wrong and that I was not going to have much success going here on that day. Now you have all you need to plan a Chitosekarasuyama pub crawl. Just don’t try to do it on a Wednesday.

- Maybe the biggest out of the three Chitosekarasuyama places, but not by much. They have counter seating for maybe six and seats at tables for about twenty more. A substantial portion of the floor space is taken up by the kitchen so I’m guessing they are quite serious about their food. I only had some pickles though. They were nice.
- Ten taps of craft beer, (so the most in the area) split maybe 50/50 Japanese and imports. The Japanese selection had some stuff you don’t see around so often and was a decent selection I thought. The menu very clearly states serving size and price for each beer so all credit to them for doing that! Small size is 260ml and ranges from ¥670-900. The large size is 410ml and goes from ¥910-1300. Obviously, the imports are generally speaking towards the higher end of this scale. They also have a beer flight available. Four beers for ¥1400, the glasses being maybe 150ml. No cover charge.
- Was fairly bustling when we went early on a Saturday evening and it seems, once again, like a place that is popular with the locals. The staff were welcoming and helpful and the place is no smoking and has wifi. Another big selling point is that they are apparently open all day, all the time (apart from Wednesdays of course!), which would make it a real rarity.

Like the other two Chitosekarasuyama bars, it’s quite a nice place. I think the locals here are a bit spoiled, having three decent places to go to. Whilst there is maybe not so much to bring you here from a great distance, the fact that there are three places in close proximity means that lovers of pub crawls and the Keio line will find something worth making the trip for. I wouldn’t like to pick a favourite out of the three places, but I’d say that if you are looking for Japanese beers and a homely kind of atmosphere, Ann’s is the place. If you want imports and you like cats, go to Beerttoria. And if you’re a late night hip-and-smoky vibes kind of person then Novel Craft is the place for you.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:

Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11:00-24:00
Sunday, 11:00-22:00
Closed Wednesday

南烏山 5-32-6, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


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