Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Antenna America Shinagawa Atre

Today, a quick post on a fairly new place in the middle of a department store food court in Shinagawa. Antenna America have branched out from their base in Yokohama to open a small bar and bottle shop in Atre, attached to Shinagawa station. Thank you to Davido for visiting and sending me photos and information. I popped in this morning on the way back from renewing my visa to have a look myself, but not to get a beer as it was a bit early and I have to work this afternoon.

- In the middle of the shopping centre food court on the third floor of Atre, which is found on the east side of the station, outside the ticket barriers. If you are arriving on the train from a JR line, head for the East (Konan) exit and you’ll only need to go up one floor. It’s a little bit tricky to find the escalator, (it’s near the outside of the building if you need to know), so maybe easier to just take the lift after entering Atre/Isetan. Look for 'Food & Time Isetan'.
- Apparently eight taps, but only six were on at the time of the visit. Expect to find the usual Antenna America stuff that you normally see at the bar in Yokohama, perhaps veering a little towards the safer end of their product line. As you might expect, the list was heavy on IPAs, but that’s life now really, isn’t it? All beers on tap are ¥800 and the size is probably around 350ml, so the pricing is about what you’d expect. Also there is a selection of bottles and cans (see the picture below. Again, maybe not as exciting as at the main branch in Yokohama), which you can drink in or take away for around ¥500. Beware that all of these prices are before tax, so you’ll pay a little more at the register.

- As it’s in a food court, the setting is kind of different from how you might expect in a bar. There are six seats at the bar but other than that you need to get your beer and sit at one of the tables spread around. One benefit of it being in a food court is that you can get a variety of things to eat from the other outlets whilst you’re drinking. I have heard that it might be a little tricky to get served at quiet times as maybe they are not expecting people to be drinking in the daytime. But hang around and try to catch someone’s eye.
- No smoking and no cover charge. As I might have mentioned already, it’s in a food court.

As I am yet to drink here, I’ll go with what Davido said as a conclusion. This is not really a beer geek place. The atmosphere, as you might expect, is a little different from drinking in a bar. The prices are reasonable and it’s a good option if you have some time to kill at the station. Not sure it would really be a destination though, but it does the job as a meeting place before you head on somewhere else. Given the amount of people who work in the area, I imagine it gets busy when offices close with workers on their way home, but I guess if you want to drink US imports during the day and are not so bothered about a blistering hot atmosphere, this is a good place for you. There is wifi too apparently, so maybe it’s an option for people who need to get some ‘work’ done.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday, 08:00-22:00
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays, 10:00-22:00

アトレ品川 3F, 港南 2-18-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo

I'm guessing you don't need a directions map as it's attached to the station.



Atre Website
Ratebeer listing

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