Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Brew Pub Pacific NW (NOW CLOSED)


Post by Mark (his first one, thanks Mark!)

Beerpub Pacific NW is just south of Roppongidori, almost midway between Shibuya and Roppongi. I walked there in ten minutes from Omotesando station, so it perhaps should be considered one of the bars of Omotesando. The jazz clubs Blue Note and Body & Soul are quite nearby, so if you were going there you would have a good excuse to visit the pub. The owner, from Osaka, is very friendly, which I enjoyed, but if you want to be left alone while you drink, this may not be the place for you.

There were five taps and the same number of bottles. In keeping with the name of the place, all the beers (and one cider) were from the Pacific Northwest, except one collaboration beer. The beer was in good condition, dispensed on draft from a homemade kegerator. Bottles were ¥950-¥1250, draft pints were ¥1250-¥1450, and half pints are ¥800-¥950, yet as I was there during happy hour, 15:00-18:00, half pints were only ¥500. Taxes were included. So prices were on the high side, but average for the area. In the future, the owner’s homebrew, made in the back, might also be served.

There were 20 seats, seven at the bar, three stools facing the wall behind the bar, four seats around a sort of picnic table beyond the bar, and a round table with six seats behind that. It didn’t seem cramped at all, and was quite bright late in the afternoon. The owner said she has about ten regulars, so it doesn’t seem like it has been very crowded. The bar is decorated with various knick-knacks and a couple of Jimi Hendrix posters. Beyond the bar there were an acoustic guitar and an electric organ; the owner said she wants to have some musical performances there in the future. Food is available, and it seems very healthy: lots of beans & veggies. The chicken and waffles seemed to be the least healthy item.

Japanese Breweries on Tap:
Ise Kadoya

Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 15:00-22:00
Friday & Saturday, 15:00-23:00
Sunday, 15:00-21:00
Closed one day a month. Take your chance or check their website's calendar to see which one.

南青山 7-2-7, Minato-ku, Tokyo


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