Thursday, 30 March 2017

Donation button

Just thought I should post something explaining my reasons for adding a donation button today. As you have probably heard me complaining previously, due to the crazy amount of new places opening, it is very hard to find the time and the money to cover everywhere that should be covered. I have always resisted adding adverts to the blog as I think it really interferes with the supposed impartiality that I like to think it has. Also, the adverts I had seen on other blogs were at best, wildly inappropriate. So, I thought the thing to do was to add a donation button on the right hand side, just below the link to the map.

Of course, there's absolutely no pressure for anyone to donate. The blog will plough on for as long as there are good, new places opening. But if it has been of some use to you and you would like to show your gratitude in a form that would quickly be transformed into beer, any donations will be gratefully received! And if you are reading this and have contributed posts or help, I'll pass on some beer love to you next time I see you once the millions start pouring in. Oh, and sorry the button graphic looks so dodgy. I'm guessing it's because of the background colour of the blog as it looks fine when you put it on white.


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