Saturday, 8 April 2017

Craft Beer House Kiwi

Post by Iain

This one man operation has six counter seats facing the street for people watching, plus ten table seats. There is a ¥200 cover charge and beer-wise, the selection is given as Wheat, IPA, Barley Wine, Extra, Edelpils, but in practice Wheat often translates as a pilsner, and Barley wine might be a Stout. Extra tends to be something above 10% and is served only in a smallish size. When I was there the beers were Gotemba Kogen Sakura Hime, Shonan Simcoe IPA, Kyoto Brewing Tomin kara no Mezame Stout (although they had just run out and switched to the local-ish Mitaka Imperial IPA), and for the Extra, Baird Ganko Oyaji. Prices were ¥470 or ¥560 for a glass, and ¥890/980 for a tumbler.

Overall I liked the vibe here a lot, enough so that although I don't live in Takaido I would happily stop off for an afternoon beer on the way up or down the Inokashira line. The BGM was folky but unobtrusive, and the winter food menu was curry, gnocchi, fried chicken or fish donburi, and stew. Presumably there will be a Spring menu by the time you read this. Check their website/Twitter for the latest updates.

Kiwi is a No Smoking establishment, and according to the menu they do take out beers in a plastic cup, which could be handy now it is cherry blossom season as the Kanda river is just round the corner.

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Gotemba Kogen
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Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday, 12:00-14:00, 17:00-23:00
Closed Monday

高井戸東 2-26-2, Suginami-ku, Tokyo



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