Thursday, 6 April 2017

Sendai intermission part 4: Delirium Cafe

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A new football season means that I am revisiting cities and consequently getting to some new places that I either missed last time, or passed over. I was torn about adding this place, as it was by no means mind blowing, but in the end, decided that a place with over thirty taps of Belgian Beer can't really be left off of here. It wasn't the most exciting of pub visits, but they have some good beers here, and the prices are not too bad. Hopefully soon I will get round to filling in some of the other Delirium Cafe gaps that I have in Tokyo too.

- Looks pretty much the same as all the other Delirium Cafes in Japan. I always think they do a fairly decent job of recreating a Belgian feel. Admittedly, it's the feel of those kind of bars you find on a main town square for the tourists, rather than the really good places. Plenty of seating, maybe a capacity of around 50 with a counter for around ten. Comfy feel to it, but has the same kind of atmosphere you find in most of these places. Not unpleasant in any way, but maybe a touch safe.
- 32 taps on Belgian beer. As I have complained about the other places, a lot of this is filler, but they still manage to have some good stuff in there. Prices are reasonable. Decent beers in 250ml glasses start from around ¥690 and increase in price with alcohol percentage and rareness. Tax added at the end though. They also do beer flights, 3x150ml for ¥1440 or 5x150ml for ¥2220. Their taplist, along with the taplist of all the other Delirium Cafes is posted online here (in Japanese). Fridge of bottles which, like in many of the other bars, looks much more interesting than the bottle menu. Not sure of the prices, but normally these tend to be a bit pricier.
- Fully non-smoking, which is nice. It's located in the Parco 2 shopping centre, so maybe this is why, but it's very welcome. The smoking is always a big drawback of the Kasumigaseki branch in Tokyo. Full daytime opening, probably also connected to the shopping centre thing. But one drawback, a ¥300 plus tax cover charge, which seemed to only apply after 5pm, but I wouldn't go there depending on that. It's unfortunate, as it's pretty close to the station, so would be a good place to pop in whilst waiting for a train, which is exactly what I did, but the cover charge would slightly put me off doing so again.

So, basically, another Delirium Cafe. You can check out the other ones here, but like I said, I have a few missing still, which I have been to, but for one reason or another haven't put on here. I think Delirium do a decent job of making Belgian beer places in Japan, but I don't find myself going to them so often. The Sendai branch is another decent place with a big tap selection. It certainly outshines the Brussels chain branch in Sendai, the Crepuscule, which had a tiny selection and was basically in a foyer. I didn't bother stopping for a drink there. Guess the thing about Deliriums is that they are pretty predictable which, depending on the situation, can be a good or bad thing. Interpret that how you want!

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Opening Hours:
Daily, 11:00-24:00

中央 3-7-5,  PARCO 2 1F, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi-ken



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