Sunday, 18 June 2017


Another8 is the new Tokyo bar from the people who brought us Before9 in Kyoto, which holds the distinction of being the place where I drank my least favorite Japanese craft beer ever. Of course I don’t hold that against them though! If you have been to Before9, you will probably know what to expect from Another8. They definitely have some clear similarities. If you haven’t been to Before9, read on, as here come the details.

- Snazzy place in an area that I currently have nothing in on my Tokyo Beer Drinker map. Pretty surprisingly as Meguro is fairly central and is a place that people go to to eat and drink. There are a couple of bars here but for a variety of reasons, I have deemed them not worthy! But Another8 has made the cut. Very modern feel with swanky decor and clientele to match. Wood smoker thing out front and a couple of decks by the door, although the music being played wasn’t coming from them. There is seating for around 20 on low tables and sofas, a high communal table for maybe ten more and seats along the wall with kind of 'half-a-table tables' (you heard that great phrase here first!), for maybe ten more. There is also a very small patio out front.
- Eight taps of craft beer. We went whilst there was a Kyoto Brewing tap takeover (they are a Kyoto permanent tap) but looking at their Facebook page it seems that their list is normally a mix of Japanese craft and imports. Beer served in three sizes (260ml, 330ml and 500ml), in similar shaped glasses, bit like shakers but with much thinner glass. The prices are the same for all beers, ¥700, ¥850 and ¥1200 respectively, so not the cheapest of places. But, no cover charge and tax is included.
- Seemed to have a slightly strange system of bar service and cash on delivery, with the bar being right by the door. Consequently everything was getting a bit jammed up in that area. Also there seemed to be a few problems of them not knowing exactly where to deliver the food that had been ordered, but maybe these are just teething issues or maybe it was because it was quite busy that night.

I’m not sure what to think about this place. It’s certainly a nice looking bar and on the Kyoto takeover night the taplist was great, but it’s priced a little higher than most other places. Also, maybe this is just my personal prejudices coming out, but the clientele were a bit strange. But that’s all I’ll say about that, as maybe they were thinking the same about me. I can definitely see that it will be a fashionable place for people to hang out if that’s what you’re in to.

Japanese breweries recently seen on tap:
Swan Lake

Opening Hours:
Wednesday-Monday, 17:00-01:00
Closed Tuesday

下目黒1-2-18, Meguro-ku, Tokyo




Steve said...

Let me guess. Were they the Black Lion, and Meguro Tavern in the vicinity?
The Black Lion were a(n) horrid introduction to pub grub in Tokyo in 2005. The beers on offer were OK, but when I opted to have its 'hot dog' entree for my meal that day, I was left agape as staff sprayed ketchup not just merely on my sausage, but horizontally across the entire bun.
{This left me with conniptions the next night when I first went to Beer Club Popeye and espied pizza on its menu. I had the pizza. It was a lot better.}
The Meguro Tavern was pretty good for 2008, and may be adequate today. I surmise it is still advertising heavily in the publications that English-speakers may manage to gromm in Tokyo | Yokohama. I hope W-WW sites like this will influence them sufficiently to choose other venues in their vicinity.

Mothy said...

My try of this place left me a bit unimpressed. Charging that much you'd think they could give me a clean glass with each order, but they just gave it a rinse and refilled it. Plus they just flat out skipped over me in line once.The beer was good, so it's not like you shouldn't go in the area. But definitely not up to the standards of service I expect if I'm dropping 1200 yen a drink.