Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Craftbeer Pub Twelve

Firstly, apologies for the terrible photo. There are some pretty bad ones on this blog, but I'm reaching new depths with this one, snapped with about a millisecond's thought as I entered the pub. Twelve is somewhere I've been meaning to get to for a long time as it's part of the KO (Keio) Craft Guild, a loose association of bars along the Keio line. Also, a lot of my friends who are fellow Gremlin regulars go here, so I take that as an indirect recommendation. Before visiting, the one main thing I knew about Twelve was that it is run by a big FC Tokyo fan (who presumably now can't actually attend games due to his bar tending commitments). With this in mind, I removed my rival team football scarf before entering. Here's what you need to know.

- Small place, even by Tokyo standards. Seating for six at an L-shaped counter and a couple of other tables with a few seats and a bit of standing room. The interior is totally dominated by FC Tokyo memorabilia. It's clear that he is a big fan!
- Five taps of beer with Japanese craft just about getting the upper hand and a couple of US imports (when I visited). Pricing depends on the beer, with the Japanese stuff coming out cheaper naturally. Served in two sizes (apart from the higher alcohol/unusual style beers), 260ml and 400ml at ¥700 and ¥1100 respectively for the Japanese stuff and ¥100 more for both sizes for the US import. The irregular size beers were served in 300ml measures for ¥800 (Japanese) and ¥900 (US). There is also a big fridge of imported bottles, mainly from the US, but I think I remember there being some other stuff in there too.
- Daytime opening at the weekend, no cover charge and I think it was no smoking. Interesting looking food available too. I saw pizza and ramen. Not sure what else there is.

This is another one of the great one man bars that seem to account for some of the best places in Tokyo. It's not the most accessible or the cheapest place around, but there is definitely a character to it that is absent from plenty of other Tokyo bars. The beer selection was good (aside from one brewery I'm not a huge fan of...) and this makes up for the fact that it's a little pricier than some other places. I'll definitely be back there some time, but probably not right after our away game at FC Tokyo. Definitely a recommended place if you're anywhere near the area!

Japanese breweries seen on tap when I visited:
Y Market
Ise Kadoya

Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday-Friday, 17:00-24:00
Saturday & Sunday, 12:00-24:00
Closed Tuesday

4-51-5 国領町, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 





Steve said...

We now take you back to the interview show where we understand something interesting has just happened.

I've fallen off my chair, Brian.

I have just fallen off my chair back here in Chicago, U.S.A.
I have this W-WW site on my bookmark page with the DD code "However, he is experiencing burnout, and may not update this page any more."
I admit to having a Tokyo Verdy kit (#25), which I obtained when there in September 2007. But, and I hope you believe me about this, was less to do with supporting Verdy than having a green soccer shirt. Green is my favo(u)rite colo(u)r.
If we had gotten the Chicago POWER indoor soccer franchise in 1995, the colors would have shifted from red and black to Croydon Cream, Mercury Green, and Swamp Holly Orange. There would have been a kit (#2) with green featuring. Whether that would have been the away kit is open to subjection.
Anyhow - thank you for this blog post. I stayed one night at On The Marks in Kawasaki back in April 2017 {I had an early morning flight from HND, and if I had checked out of my hostel that early to catch my flight, I would have sacrificed my deposit.}, and became familiar with what was out there in Kawasaki.

F.M said...

Craftbeer Pub Twelve is indeed all non-smoking and, IMHO, deserved of a 'sake' tag, too. The nihonshu lineup, at least when I went in 2013, was terrific, so good in fact that I only had 1 beer (in addition to the beer I'd had before at Beer House Ken), before quickly deciding to switch to nihonshu after seeing what was in the fridge. The owner's parents were in attendance as customers, and a lot of laughs were had as we graciously wound each other up about our respective soccer club loyalties (me, Kawasaki Frontale).

Although it was nearly 5 years ago, the order of events of that afternoon-evening vividly remain in my memory due to having arrived at Musashi Kosugi Station to coincide with the remains of a 'jumper' being cleared away. An onsen bath (Jōmon-no-yu, nearby Fuchū Station) and a few stiff drinks were required to try to forget what I had just seen.

Bittersweet memories.

Tokyo Beer Drinker said...

Thanks for the comment FM. Sounds like you had quite a day.
I've added the sake tag as you suggested.
I'm also a Frontale fan. Do you get to games much?