Monday, 15 January 2018

Kagoya Tasuku

I was completely unaware of this place until I was tipped off about it by one of my fellow Gremlin regulars (thanks Tatchy). Kagoya seems to be a long standing sake shop that has recently expanded into a bar/restaurant and brewery. It's a nice looking place, but quite far from public transport, so I'm guessing their main clientele are locals. On the Saturday we visited, it was fully booked from 18:00, so it seems they're doing something right. Here's what you need to know.

- Brewery is visible from the road but the restaurant/bar is set back behind it. Nice looking place with fancy, (in a good way), decoration and design. Medium sized room with spaced out seating for 12 at tables and eight at the counter. There also seems to be a roof terrace which would be quite appealing in warmer weather. Not so appealing in January though!
- 10 taps and one hand pump, four of which were their own beers, which I guess would be most people's reason for visiting. The others included a few other Japanese breweries and a couple of not so unusual imports. Beers served in two sizes, regular (270ml) and special (400ml). Prices ranged from ¥500-¥760 and ¥760-¥1050 for the two sizes with their beers being very much at the lower end of this. Their own beers on offer when we visited were Amber, Dark Brown Ale, Smoked Weizen and Belgian White.
- Seems to be more of a restaurant than a bar, with lots of Izakaya style dishes available, but they were fine with us just drinking. There was no cover charge during the day (think this is also true in the evening, let me know if you go and there is one), and having a few drinks there was a nice relaxing experience. They are open all day, Tuesday to Sunday which is great if you're in the area and thirsty, but as I said above, they seem quite popular, so it might be worth making a reservation if you're planning to visit at a time that you think might be busy.

So, another new brewery. The boom is still booming it seems. It really is quite a way from the nearest train, (20 minutes approximately from the nearest Odakyu line station), but if you want to try their beers, this is clearly the place to go!

Japanese breweries seen on tap when I visited:

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday, 11:30-22:00
Closed Monday

3-34-4 駒井町, Komae-shi, Tokyo



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