Tuesday, 13 February 2018


This is the first of two posts on places that I feel deserve to be on here because of a somewhat interesting selling point. I’ll keep the posts fairly brief, as both places are not uniquely beer places, but are well worth popping in to. So, today, it’s Garageville. I’d never got off the train in Tsutsujigaoka before but I have passed through it on trips down the Keio line for football or visiting places for this blog. Seems that there are a lot of beer reasons to head west down this line now. Anyway, here’s what you need to know.

- Primarily a second-hand record shop with a wide variety of decently priced records. I went intending to pay a quick visit for a browse and a beer, but ended up buying four records. Three small sofas arranged in front of the record racks and, as you’d expect from a record shop, a nice stereo system playing interesting music.
- Beer is exclusively in bottles, from a variety of countries. There were quite a few British bottles, some US stuff, Germans, a few Belgians and a selection from both Hideji and Songbird (which is the big selling point for me as you don’t often see their beers in bars. At least I don’t anyway). All the Songbird and Hideji were priced at ¥1000 a bottle. They also serve other drinks, I saw wine and coffee. I should have paid more attention but I was focused on beer and records. Sorry.
- No smoking, no cover charge and tax was included in both the beer and record prices. They have a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I’d recommend checking on one of them for their opening hours as they seem to vary. But when they are open, there is an element of daytime opening if that’s your thing.

Think this is the third record shop with beer on here after Big Love and Small World, but the first second-hand record shop. I really enjoyed visiting this place and will definitely be back. Not sure if there’s anything else in the area, but it’s very close to the station, so pretty accessible even if you’re just passing through. 

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited: 
None, bottles only, but in bottle, Hideji and Songbird

Opening Hours:

Variable, but it seems they always post their hours on twitter, so check there before you go

西つつじヶ丘3-30-30, Chofu-shi, Tokyo

0424 985367

Facebook page 

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