Saturday, 7 April 2018

TDM 1874 Brewery

This may just be the fastest turn around ever from visiting somewhere and putting it on here. I finally managed to make it to TDM this lunchtime. It should have been sooner as I’ve been hearing plenty of good things about their beers, but I guess I am still officially on hiatus so I’m going to use that as an excuse. I’d heard it’s not very easy to get to, but I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration. It’s only a short walk, (less than 10 minutes) from Tokaichiba station, which is still in Yokohama city, in spite of it feeling like it is somewhere a bit more rural. Here’s what you need to know.

- Brewery, taproom and beer (and other alcoholic beverages) shop, all in one. It’s a fancy looking place and given that it’s only been open about a year, pretty new. There is a room for two at the counter and tables for maybe 20 more. Place your order and pay at the till and then collect your drinks at the bar. At least that was how it was working when we were there. Selection of pub food available including pizzas. I should have had one, but I’d already eaten two lunches (don’t ask…).
- Five taps of beer but one of them is Asahi so I’m going to ignore that one. The other four were unsurprisingly their own beers. When we visited these were the Pale Ale, Whoa-saic, 7 Hop DIPA and Brown Porter. The beers are served in two sizes (473ml and 284ml) and the prices are very good, ranging from ¥740-¥850 for the pint and ¥450-¥520 for the half. Tax is added on at the till but these prices are still very good value.
- Beer shop has a variety of bottles available from various breweries including Aqula, Baird, Shiga Kogen, Dogo, Fujizakura, Minoh and possibly some others that I’ve forgotten. These all seemed to be priced around ¥500. They also had a couple of their own beers to take away at the same price. There is also a large wine and sake selection. And probably some other stuff too.
- No cover charge, no smoking, wifi and daytime opening at the weekend. The hours below are for the bar. The beer shop section seems to be open earlier (from 11:00), but if you’re making the effort to come here, you really should do it when you are able to enjoy some beers.

So, that’s about it. Don’t be put of by the location. From West Tokyo it’s probably not much further than traveling up to Kita Senju for Beer Ma. It’s nice to see another new brewery (although by the time I finally got round to writing this, I guess it wasn’t so new any more) and by the look of the place you can see that they are serious about what they are doing here.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:
TDM 1874

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday, 17:00-22:00
Saturday & Sunday, 12:00-22:00

十日市場町 835-1, Midori-ku, Yokohama



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