Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Hatos Outside

Today, a post about a place that I’ve been hearing good things about from people who are big US beer fans. Hatos Outside is connected to the BBQ and beer place in Naka Meguro called Hatos Bar. I once tried to go there, as the friend I was with was desperate to try some of the Gigantic beers they had available. But it was totally packed and we weren’t able to get in. Given that I’m not going to be eating BBQ, (unless it’s BBQ tofu), I haven’t tried to go back since, but people say it’s good. Hatos Outside, (I guess outside central Tokyo is the meaning as the bar itself is unsurprisingly inside), twists the formula a bit, and perhaps given the location seems to be a bit quieter than I imagine Hatos Bar is. Here’s what you need to know.

- Modern looking place with a counter for seven and tables for ten, but more spacious than that sounds, with plenty of space in between the tables and the bar. Concrete and wood in full effect, but it’s nicely done and felt quite comfortable. Quite a hip feel to it. Using the word ‘hip’ has probably told you just how unhip I am, so read into that observation what you want.
- Five taps of imported beer, dominated by Gigantic who they have some kind of connection with. There was also one tap of Upright on, which is nice to see. Prices are not cheap, but these are beers that you don’t see so often I guess. US pints were ¥1300, halves ¥700. The prices were the same for all beers regardless of the strength. Big fridge of bottles and cans from a variety of Portland area breweries. Once again, a lot of stuff you don’t see so often. Prices varied considerably but started from ¥700 and went up to the moon. But there’s plenty of exciting looking beers in there. Thankfully, tax is included in these prices.
- Has curry as their food speciality. Think there were three types available but didn't try them. And there were cocktails too. There’s no cover charge and it’s no smoking. There’s daytime opening at lunchtime, but they do close mid afternoon on weekdays.

To be honest, I’ve avoided going to the original Hatos since my first unsuccessful attempt to visit. It seemed a bit too lively and packed for me and given that the main draw was the BBQ, it was never likely to be up my street really. I wouldn’t say the same about Hatos Outside. If money were no object I’d be there often I think, as the atmosphere was nice and the beer selection great. The prices mean that for me, it’s more likely to be a once in a while visit rather than regular patronage. The location is also probably a problem for some but it’s only a short walk from Shimo Takaido station and as I often find myself on the Keio line, I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself back here sooner or later.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday, 12:00-15:00, 18:00-24:00
Saturday, 12:00-24:00
Sunday & holidays, 12:00-22:00
Closed Monday

赤堤4-22-5, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo



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Jason said...

Thanks for this---stopped there this afternoon. Definitely liked the space, Didn't eat, but just had a beer and a half. Only complaint is that I think Gigantic beers (and Upright to a lesser extent) are totally overrated. Those guys are faces in the Portland beer scene and the brewery has had hype it just doesn't deliver, IMO. The Upright El Filo just a boring, mediocre beer, though I do like some of their offerings.

Overall, a worthwhile stop if on the area--thanks for the next tip!