Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Kitchen 078

The final post of my small flurry, and the second stop in Chigasaki after Gold'n Bub. Kitchen 078 is just round the corner, very close to the station and is a pretty small place with good beer and food and a really nice feel. Here's what you need to know. 

-  Pretty small, even by Japanese standards. Counter for four and tables for maybe six. Unsurprisingly it has a cosy feel!
- Beers served in two sizes, Glass (280ml) and Pint (470ml). Beers are a mix of Japanese stuff and imports with the Japanese beers including a brewery I had never tried before (Uchu). The imports were both from the US. Prices were similar for both imports and domestic beers and ranged from ¥800-¥850 and ¥1200-¥1300. Considering some of these beers were pretty high alcohol, you were getting a decent bang for your buck! Beers were served in nice wine glass style glasses. Much better than those Shaker style glasses if you want to get your nose right in there.
- No smoking, no cover charge and instead of daytime opening they have super late opening. Not so great if you're visiting from Tokyo, but fantastic if you want to get proper messed up and live near by!

This was a really nice place. The staff were welcoming and I would definitely go back if I were in the area. The prices weren't the cheapest but are comparable to their neighbours at Gold'n Bub and are understandable given the size of the place. I think I've said it before but, a good atmosphere and really being interested in what you are serving more than makes up for paying a little more for the beers. After all, we are aiming to have a nice time when we drink, aren't we? The size perhaps suggest that if you want to be sure of getting in, it might be worth arriving early. I don't know how busy it gets, but I would imagine it's quite popular.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:
Be Easy

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday, 18:00-03:00
Sunday, 16:00-01:00
Closed Monday

幸町23-16, サザンコート7-9, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken




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