Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Loose ends/various places Part 2

This is part two of what will be constantly updated posts with brief descriptions of places that possibly deserve to be on here but which I have either no time or inclination to visit. Part one is here, or you can view both by clicking the digest tag, or just clicking here. I have tried various ways of keeping up to date with the crazy amount of places that are opening and have been struggling with deciding which places warrant including and which don't. This seems to be a reasonable way of dealing with them. They will remain on the map with a question mark as I can't vouch for any of these. The map will link to this post where places will be listed in alphabetical order with a short description and link which should give you some idea of what to expect and whether it's worth going to. There will be no tags, as that will just confuse matters I think. If I end up going to any of these places and they are worthy of a full write up, I'll remove them from here and make them a post of their own. Not everything on the backlog will be on here. This is mainly intended for what I imagine to be a bit less interesting but still worth mentioning places.

Beer Bar Crowd - Shinkoiwa
7 taps of Japanese craft, seems fairly small locals kind of place. When I finally manage to get out in this direction will tick off all these Koiwa places.

In De Bourgondische Hemel - Shibuya
Nominally Belgian bar in Shibuya with a good reputation. Taplist is dominated by non-Belgian stuff (mainly imports with a couple of Japanese beers), for some reason. The Belgian selection they have on tap is a bit crappy to be honest. But I believe they have a big bottle selection. Has been around for a long long time, so I guess they’re doing something right.

Liqour Base Fussa - Fussa

Beer and other booze shop with what seems like a reasonable selection of Japanese craft and imports. Check their twitter (https://twitter.com/liquorbasefussa) for their new arrivals. If you’re in the area, seems like a decent option. There may be some on site drinking, but I haven’t even above to confirm it, so don’t go depending on that.


Magnetico - Kamakura
A place that I’ve been meaning to go to for ages. Have heard good things about it. Best check the opening hours on their facebook before you go, as I believe it’s a low key operation.
Five taps of Japanese craft including some interesting local stuff.

Rise & Win Brewing Co. Kamikatz Taproom - Azabujuban
Normally this place would have been done and on here already, given that it’s a brewery whose beers you don’t see around that often with a centrally located taproom. But, I’ve heard it’s crazy expensive and has a cover charge too. Seems like a nice looking place with (perhaps) four taps of Rise & Win and four (usually imported I think) guest beers.


Shishi Bone - Koiwa
Another place to tick off when in Koiwa. I really should do that soon. Cafe with coffee, sandwiches (including veggie options apparently!) and of course beer. Six taps, but seem to normally have four Japanese craft beers on. Check the facebook for the selection. Some weird opening hours, so better check that too.

Taki - Shibuya

The ‘Japanese beer and sake’ branch of the Cerveza Gym chain. Much like Wailele and Wasserfall (see below), they seem to post their beer list on facebook. Might just be my preference, but this seems like the best of the lot, selection wise. Not sure why I’ve never been here to be honest.

Wailele - Shibuya
The ‘Hawaiian and American beer’ branch of the Cerveza Gym chain. Much like Taki and Wasserfall (see above and below), they seem to post their beer list on facebook. 


 - Shibuya
The ‘German and Austrian beer’ branch of the Cerveza Gym chain. Much like Taki and Wailele (see above), they seem to post their beer list on facebook.

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