Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Welder's Diner

Post by James
Welder's Diner is about six minutes from Shakujikoen. An area that doesn’t, to the best of my knowledge, have any other craft beer drinking options. To open a place in this area and to have daytime opening seems doubly brave and I hope they can make a go of it.

The menu at Welder’s Diner states that the exterior, interior and furniture were designed and built by the owner using steel from Minori Ironworks and there is definitely a nice feeling to the place. The name is a slight pun on welding steel and deepening the bonds between people and the community. I included this information because that is exactly what Welder’s Diner feels like. It isn’t a wild late night spot for youngsters but rather a pleasant cafe bar that you could take the whole family too.

The basic facts:

There are about 20 table seats and six counter seats. There is no charge and they have free WiFi. Opening hours are from 11:00 until 23:00 and their day off is Tuesday. There are 5 taps of Japanese beer and they come in two sizes; Regular (250ml) and Large (473ml). The price of a large can depend on the beer but is usually about ¥1200. Not a cheap place to drink, but it couldn’t really be in this area. There are also a few bottles and some are quite interesting. When they put a new beer on they announce it on their facebook page, so you can keep up to date with their taplist there. Lunch is served until 4p.m. and the sandwiches are good. They also do a kid’s plate.

Welder’s Diner has occasional events like flea markets and last week they even had a Rakugo performance. These events really do help to give a community feel. 

If you live in the area or you fancy a family day out at the nearby park, this place is well worth popping into.

Japanese breweries seen on tap:
Ise Kadoya
Distant Shores
TY Harbor
Shiga Kogen

Opening Hours:
Wednesday-Monday, 11:00-23:00
Closed Tuesday

石神井町6-16-11-101, Nerima-ku, Tokyo




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