Sunday, 27 January 2019

Craft Beer Bar iBrew Akihabara

Much like the last post, where I suggested that you could find out all you need to know about Beer Kobo Shinjuku by reading the previous posts on Beer Kobo pubs and just changing the location, today’s post on the latest iBrew branch to open in Akihabara can repeat the trick by directing you to previous iBrew posts. iBrew seems to be a chain that is doing pretty well, expanding their original branch as well as opening new branches, whilst keeping their theme and style pretty much the same. So, by all means check the link to the other iBrew posts to compare, but at the same time, here’s what you need to know about their newest branch.

- Decor gives a nod towards the original branch's wood, but this place is a lot bigger (the biggest of all of the branches I reckon), and actually has seats and tables! There is seating for…. actually, I don’t know how many, but it’s plenty, at a few counters, some standing tables and round the back there are some nice and comfortable larger seating areas, with one hidden downstairs. Normally I try to count the seats from where I’m seating but there is a bit of a warren feel to this place, with lots of separate areas that I couldn’t see into. But yeah, it’s probably plenty. When we went in the middle of a Saturday afternoon there wasn’t a problem getting a table for four but it was getting busy when we left, so I’d probably suggest getting here early or making a booking.
- Depending on what you read or who you believe, there are either 47 or 48 taps. Whether all of these are always on, I doubt it, but 46 were when we visited. I’ve also heard a couple of reasons for the tap total. Either it relates to the number of Japanese prefectures, or perhaps has something to do with a certain idol group who are associated with the neighbourhood. The list is predominately made up of Japanese craft breweries, with some top stuff included for those who are into quality, and some unusual ones for those looking to experiment a little. However, there were also a few imports from the US and Europe. Check their facebook page for a reasonably up to date photo of the their taplist. All beers are priced the same, so there’s some seriously good value to be had here if you’re up for that. A half (270ml) is ¥390 and a pint (470ml) is ¥690. Tax is added at the end so this goes up to ¥421 and ¥745 but we’re still talking very cheap!
- Food served in these places always seems to be good pub grub and is reasonably priced. But there wasn’t any pressure to order anything. Just drinking is totally fine and given that there’s no cover charge, this could be a financially pinched alcoholic’s heaven. Along with the lack of cover charge, we have no smoking and daytime opening every day. Hooray! Couldn’t find WiFi though.

I always enjoy these places. The beers are a lot of fun and there’s even more to choose from here. The seating area was comfortable and there actually seemed to be a bit of an atmosphere. I quite like the way they seem torn between it being a dive bar and a more classy place and have kind of gone with bits of both and made it work. I really should visit these places more to be honest. Perhaps the super beer snobs won’t be into it, but it’s a lot of fun and I’d highly recommend it to everyone else. Cheers!

Japanese breweries seen on tap: 
Sankt Gallen
Minami Shinshu
Chichibu / Bear Meet Beer
Y Market
North Island
Hop Kotan
Beer Herun/Hearn11
Romantic Mura
Ise Kadoya
Distant Shores

Opening Hours:
Daily, 13:00-23:30


神田佐久間町3-38 大陽ビル1F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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